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Choose from different materials to get the view you want. Color 2000 P04 White Bone.
Choose from different materials to get the view you want. Color 2000 P04 White Bone.
Color 2000 P04 White Bone.
Sunscreen Solar Shades
Brand: Blinds.com
Create a modern and chic look with Premium sunscreen sun shades (also available as outdoor shades). Perfect for windows with a view to minimize the sun's glare. These sun shades help protect your furniture and floors from harmful UV rays. Choose from different materials to get the view you want. All Sunscreen roller shades come standard with a continuous loop clutch mechanism for easy control. This system raises and lowers the sun shades smoothly and evenly for trouble-free performance. No more ... (See description tab below) Create a modern and chic look with Premium sunscreen sun shades (also available as outdoor shades). Perfect for windows with a view to minimize the sun's glare. These sun shades help protect your furn ... (read more or see colors)
Sunscreen Solar Shades Blinds.com
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Nationwide Blind Installation
2000 Series 5% Openness
2000 White PO2
2000 White PO2
2000 P04 White Bone
2000 P04 White Bone
4000 Series 5% Openness
P06 Chalk 5%
P06 Chalk 5%
P07 Alabaster 5%
P07 Alabaster 5%
4100 Series 10% Openness
P06 Chalk 10%
P06 Chalk 10%
P07 Alabaster 10%
P07 Alabaster 10%
2100 Series 10% Openness
2100 P04 White Bone
2100 P04 White Bone

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Create a modern and chic look with Premium sunscreen sun shades (also available as outdoor shades). Perfect for windows with a view to minimize the sun's glare. These sun shades help protect your furniture and floors from harmful UV rays.
Choose from different materials to get the view you want.
All Sunscreen roller shades come standard with a continuous loop clutch mechanism for easy control. This system raises and lowers the sun shades smoothly and evenly for trouble-free performance. No more long, dangling cords or frustrating cord locks or cleats. A beaded chain comes standard.

All shades will have additional fabric to make sure the roller is not exposed when unrolled completely. This also prevents the material from separating from the roller.

NOW AVAILABLE AS EXTERIOR SHADES TOO - Go here to see the Exterior Sunscreen Solar Shade or shop all Exterior Shades.

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Product Specifications Need Help?  
Blinds.com Sunscreen Solar Shades
Standard Blind Specifications
  • Minimum Width: 14"
  • Maximum Width: 96"
  • Minimum Height: 17"
  • Maximum Height: 114"
  • Approx. Inside Mount Deduction on material: 1 1/8"
  • Approx. Outside Mount Deduction on material: 1"
  • Made in: Turkey
  • 5% openness blocks: 95% of light and UV rays
  • 10% openness blocks: 90% of light and UV rays
Mounting Requirements

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Blinds.com Sunscreen Solar Shades

Standard Options:
Sunscreen Solar Shades4.75206257
what i had hoped forafter looking at many other shades, i was apprehensive about my purchase. i knew what i wanted, but with an online ordering system, i was unsure as to what i'd actually get. i've seen the "shade i wanted" in many commercial and high-end modern residential applications, but had not idea where to get them... some must-haves: metal beaded chain, solid rolling mechanism and true solar fabric... these are all that. the mechanisms are solid, the basic covers look great and you can roll them up with a certain sense of "confidence". we bought some for a sliding glass door as a test and they installed in under an hour. the only complaint is that the bead-chain did not come with a "stop", allowing the user to adjust where they stop unrolling -- a must-have for "to the floor" shades. the chain itself could be reconfigured to do this (it has a nugget that joins the chain itself), but there are no provisions to do this easily with the manufacture of the roller-mechanism. otherwise, outside the 5-cent piece of plastic (that might actually be hard to find), i'm thrilled and will order one for every window in the house (and we have a LOT of windows). these are definitely high-quality shades at a great price.July 1, 2008
Great Modern Look at a Great PriceI live in sunny Florida! I bought the Phifer Premium Sheerweave Solar Shades after looking high and low for some type of window solution that would serve many functions.I have a typical Florida house with a lot of windows and a great view of water and boats out the back. That means lots of sun with my great view, it also means a lot of heat and damage to materials inside the house. I ordered the Charcoal color for all my windows. It does a fabulous job of cutting down the heat and the glare in the house during the day without blocking out my view.I also needed something that would go with the modern look we were going for in the house. These served the purpose with the clean sleek lines. Kid friendly (easy to clean peanut butter off of) was my next stipulation for a window covering. The solar roller shades work great. A damp cloth and they clean right up.And last but not least I needed something that would not break the bank. When you are looking for modern or contemporary window treatments it seems like the more basic and simple the look, the more expensive the window treatments got. I am covering most of the windows in my main living area for under $700. That is out of this world considering a high end designer was not able to do the same thing for under $3000.If you need something to darken totally at night you will need to go with another color. You can still see in when the lights are on at night, but just barely. You are not able to seen in from outside during the day at all.I would recommend these shades to anyone especially if you are purchasing them through this site! I have had great customer service help every time I called in.February 7, 2008
Great buyI wasn't sure when I purchased the shades if I was going to really like them. But how I tell everyone they were a GREAT BUY. I love the fact that I can still see the granddaughters playing in the pool when I have to go in to get snacks. And they have cut down on feeling the afternoon heat in the sunroom and that should help the utility bill. I just love them!August 25, 2008
Beuty and BrainsNot only do our new solar shades look gorgeous, they are incredibly effective at blocking out glare, the damaging rays of the sun and most importantly, the heat! We have a spectacular view that we did not want to obstruct in any way, but the heat from the sun was too much. These solar shades offered a perfect solution. They are easy to use, they color is beautiful, the prices were the best on the web, service was outstanding and we are very happy with our purchase.July 20, 2010
These blinds are Great!These blinds are perfect for my home at the ocean. I needed to reduce glare from the setting sun but hated to cover up the view. When I found out about solar shades I was thrilled. I ordered one shade for my laundry room just to find out the quality and how well the view could be seen through them. The quality is great and the view isn't obscured so I ordered these blinds for the rest of the house.I intend to put drapes or curtains up over the solar shades in the bedrooms for privacy at night.October 18, 2012
Arts and Crafts windows meet their modern matchThe Roller Shades are everything I need them to be. They keep the summer heat out, provide privacy at night, look gorgeous, and most of all, fit perfectly with our Arts and Crafts Style windows. Rolled up, they do not interfere at all with the view and do not compete with the window design. The chain-loop mechanism makes movement easy and looks neat. The fabric is of great quality, and the color I chose- a slightly pink off-white, looks wonderful with my lavender walls. The clean lines and the textured fabric make the shades look modern without the industrial look of many other brands. Delivery was fast, and installation easy.In short- a winner!December 14, 2006
Easy Install, Does the JobI ordered two large beige Solar Shades for westward facing windows in my sun room because of the glare and the heat. These shades were super easy to install and really reduced the heat and glare while still allowing me to see out to some extent.I'm happy with them and my only nitpick is that one of the shades doesn't roll up perfectly straight on the roller. So you have to pull on one side of the shade while you pull the chain. Otherwise it will roll up slightly toward the right side, covering the end cap and eventually creating a rough edge on the shade. The other roller shade works perfectly. I installed them both the same and they are perfectly level - so possibly the shade wasn't attached correctly to the roller. In any event it's a minor inconvenience. I specified the metal chain and it seems as though it will hold up well.I had an estimate from a regular drapery and shade company and saved over 50% by doing it myself. I also saved over 20% by purchasing from Blinds.com as opposed to a big box home improvement store. I would buy from Blinds.com again as the transaction went very smooth and the order was shipped quickly and arrived in good condition.July 24, 2009
great solar shadesThe blinds are lovely, arrived in a timely manner, were well packed and are exactly what I wanted. I have 2 small suggestions that would have helped me.(1) Measuring - I measured exactly. The directions said round to the nearest 1/8 and I did as the measurement was exactly on the 1/2". These were the roller shades and the blinds were about 1/16" too wide. I used my Dremel and took a little off the mounting hook and they popped in easily, but if I had rounded down from the exact measurements it would have been perfect. It may not be this way on the spring type.(2) A pattern or guide that could be traced to show you where to place the mountings would be so helpful. The installation video was good but it gave no measurements or suggestions as to how high or low or distance from the window to place the mountings. I just had to guess, so a little pattern would make it so much easier - no worrying about being level or too high, low, or close to the windowAugust 12, 2009
Great BlindsVery fast service. Made perfectly to my measurements and easy to install. The blinds look really smart. We have west facing windows in the kitchen and the sun was really heating up the room in the afternoon. These really cut the heat while still allowing light to get in. We bought the 95% coverage.August 13, 2012
Great sun shades!We bought the Phifer premium sun shades for the West windows of our sun room. These 9 foot windows let in a lot of light but also a lot of heat in the Summer.The sun shades let air through but keep the sun out and keeping it much cooler in the room.I would highly recomend these shades.July 20, 2008
Best deal period!they Blinds are awesome! love em...first I bought 4 then I got 7 more. they were recommeded by my parents and had a great experance with Blinds.com as well. I was a little reluctant to order onlie because Its had to tell quality by pictures but make no mistake these are top of the line...If I can install it you can.May 16, 2007
Average, but could be much betterShades material perform as expected, just what we wanted. However, construction of the 13 shades did not meet expectations: material is not hung straight/level on rollers...the material on each one slopes slightly from right to left. Also, mounting hardware is not aligned/ centered properly. This amplifies the sloping problem. The non-chain end is composed of two parts: a metal bracket that attaches to the window frame and a white plastic piece that slides into the bracket at one end and has a protruding end that slots into the shade at the other so it can roll properly. When properly connected to the bracket the white plastic piece should be center on the bracket so the shade can hang level. It is not. The center of white plastic piece hangs approximately 1/8 to 1/16th of an inch lower than the corresponding center of the chain side. That means the shade cannot hang level. Also, the shades were not consistant in width despite my following the measuring instructions to the letter before ordering. Final shade widths varied greatly. Some, almost half, could be hung easily by placing the brackets in the corners of the window frames while others were as much as 1/2 inch narrower than ordered making them more difficult to center and hang.November 15, 2006
Just What We NeededNeeding seven light filtering treatments for a new sunroom, we narrowed our preference to the Premium Sheerweave Solar Shade on Blinds.com after extensive internet searching. We requested fabric samples which was helpful to confirm our color choice. Even with Blinds.com prices being reasonable this was a substantial purchase so we decided to be careful and ordered one as a test. It was just as advertised, although, we did make the mistake of adding an eighth of an inch on the width as another reviewer had recommended which made it too tight. We ordered the exact size on the other six and they fit perfectly. We chose the beaded metal chain which we think looks better; we also chose the metal bar insert for the bottom hem which we also recommend because the weight is needed. Ordering was easy and the shades arrived very quickly. Blinds.com even notified us when it appeared the fabric was delayed which might slow the order, although, that didn't happen. These sun filtering (but not sight blocking) shades are just what we needed, are relatively easy to install, look good, work well, and are reasonably priced. We have no qualms about recommending these shades and Blinds.com.February 24, 2009
Would do it all over again in a heartbeat!We started out with the purchase of solar shades to use in combination with our Graber cellular bottom up / top down blinds in one room, to see if we would like the solar shades enough to use in other rooms of the house. We like them so much that we have already placed them in most of the windows of our house. I am most impressed by their customer service and awesome help. Their pricing is reasonable, the quality of the product can't be beat, and the installation is very easy. If it were possible to give them a 10-star rating on all counts, I definitely would. I am telling friends and neighbors whom I think would like this product and company about them. Good job, Blinds.com!June 17, 2011
B+ Quality, A- OverallThere is a lot to like:- I really like the look- Without the valence, you can see some of the mounting hardware, but I think it looks good. I think the full valence would be too much in my decor, so I'm happy.- I think the fabric is nice looking and seems pretty easy to clean, though it is pretty new, so I don't have a lot of experience here- The mounting is really easy. I had seven blinds mounted in less than 2 hours.- The sample swatch program is nice. We got exactly what we expected because of it.The not so good:- The shades occasionally will wind up crooked. This rubs the fabric agains the mechanism. We need to be careful closing them because of this. I could imagine years of rubbing fraying the fabric. This only happens about 1 in 10 closings.- There were no instructions. It was pretty easy to figure out, but I expected something in the package.- There was no tracking number or notification of shipping. Only a email saying it would ship soon, but no mention of when. It did arrive in a reasonable time, so it was only a notification issue.- The chain used for opening / closing is pretty weak. I am imagining that they will break at some point. The link that closes the chain has opened a couple of times already.Overall, I am really happy.They look great and I can deal with these problems. I am nitpicking quite a bit for this list.July 16, 2013
Disappointed with qualityI like this style and the purchase would have been great but one significant disappointment. The fabric tends to curl inward and doesn't cover the opening properly. It is wide enough at the top and bottom just not in the middle of the window and looks lousy. The roller at the top seems to be quality and the support bar at the bottom of the shade seems also to be quality. The mid section of the 96 inch window length is the problem area that curls and falls inside of the window frame.February 28, 2013
Exactly right.Exactly what I was looking for. Delivery time was excellent. Great price!. Will definitely use Blinds.com again.March 10, 2015
Solar Shades-GREATI ordered two of these shades for my kitchen as it gets very hot. My kitchen faces the street so it is nice to be able to see out and nobody can see in during the day. At night however is different, a bit more visible from the outside in. But not a deterrence for me. They really reduce the heat from the sun which makes it worth it. If you do not like seeing the roller at top just add a nice valance not a deterrence either for me. Go ahead and buy them, you will like themMarch 31, 2013
Repeat CustomerI bought my first solar blind 2 years ago for the west facing window in my office--loved it. Finally decided to install them in my east facing living room. What a difference! I can now watch TV in the morning without glare, and the thermostat doesn't show 90F at 7am due to the sun shining on it.Get yours! Don't wait another 2 years like I did.October 5, 2007
Quality ProductWe purchased this shade to cover an east-facing sliding glass door. We wanted to allow some light to enter but cut down on glare and heat gain. This product does exactly that, looks great, clean contemporary style that takes no space from our small room. The weave is open enough to allow us to see outside during the day or at night. It does not provide privacy at night if there are lights on inside. It was easy to hang but we needed to call to ask how to install the stop, thus 4 stars instead of 5. It came surprising quickly considering it is a custom made product and was packed in a heavy damage resistant tube. The shade itself is very sturdy, good quality fabric and hardware, operates smoothly. Great shopping experience, would recommend this product and this vendor.October 16, 2010
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