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Shown in color: Charcoal V21
Shown in color Charcoal V21
Exterior Sunscreen Solar Shade
Brand: Blinds.com
Create a modern and chic look with Exterior Sunscreen sun shades. These shades have an openness factor of 5%. These solar shades have a decorative design made expressly for those insulating and glare-blocking applications which require a more private and non-directional fabric. The material is a PVC-coated fiberglass yarn. All sunscreen roller shades come standard with a continuous loop clutch mechanism for easy control. This system raises and lowers the sun shades smoothly and evenly for troubl ... (See description tab below) Create a modern and chic look with Exterior Sunscreen sun shades. These shades have an openness factor of 5%. These solar shades have a decorative design made expressly for those insulating and glare- ... (read more or see colors)
Exterior Sunscreen Solar Shade Blinds.com
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Nationwide Blind Installation
2000 Series 5% Openness
2000 White PO2
2000 White PO2
2000 P04 White Bone
2000 P04 White Bone
2100 Series 10% Openness
2100 P04 White Bone
2100 P04 White Bone

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Create a modern and chic look with Exterior Sunscreen sun shades. These shades have an openness factor of 5%. These solar shades have a decorative design made expressly for those insulating and glare-blocking applications which require a more private and non-directional fabric. The material is a PVC-coated fiberglass yarn.

All sunscreen roller shades come standard with a continuous loop clutch mechanism for easy control. This system raises and lowers the sun shades smoothly and evenly for trouble-free performance. No more long, dangling cords or frustrating cord locks or cleats. A beaded chain comes standard. Reverse roll is also available. This option reverses the fabric to roll from the front of the roller instead of the back. This option is used most often to bypass obstructions which might have otherwise been obstructed by the fabric.

Block harmful UV rays and cool your patio or deck with these great-looking Solar Shades made from waterproof materials. You can expect minimal maintenance and unmatched durability.

On inside mount roller shades the fabric will be 7/8" to 1" narrower than the roller measurement. This allows space for the shade to operate properly and is true on all brands of roller shades. You may compensate for this by adding to your width measurement and opting for an outside mount. On all inside mounted roller shades you will have a 7/16" to 1/2" light gap on each side of the shade unless there is a window frame, trim, or drapery covering this space.

Hold down brackets are not available with this shade.

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Product Specifications Need Help?  
Blinds.com Exterior Sunscreen Solar Shade
Standard Blind Specifications
  • Minimum Width: 14"
  • Maximum Width: 96"
  • Minimum Height: 17"
  • Maximum Height: 109"
  • Approx. Inside Mount Deduction on material: 1 1/8"
  • Approx. Outside Mount Deduction on material: 1"
  • Made in: Turkey
Mounting Requirements

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Blinds.com Exterior Sunscreen Solar Shade

Standard Options:
Exterior Sunscreen Solar Shade4.756272
Worth the MoneyI promised I would write a review if the shade was good or not. So, I was hesitant about buying this exterior shade but I'm glad I did. I bought the Exterior Sheerweave Solar Shade 5%.The quality of the shade is very good. The material is what I was expecting. The color matches the swatch from the computer and from the free swatch Blinds.com sent me. The clutch mechanism and plastic bead cord feels a little cheaper but adequate.I had a bunch of questions about measuring. Cutting to the point. The width you order is the complete width with the mechanism, anchors, and shade all together. So if you order a shade at 84 inches that is the total width.Definitely a good buy. Good luck.June 19, 2012
Great blindsMy patio faces due west and the blinds block out the glare of the late afternoon sun so it's now enjoyable to sit on the patio in the early evenings as well as early mornings.July 7, 2010
Worth it!2000 V21 Charcoal with 5% openness was perfect for our west-facing screen porch. The sun was blinding in late afternoon and early evening, but now we enjoy dinner on the porch almost every night.2 of the blinds arrived with the roller mechanism cap damaged. Blinds.com offered to send new blinds (the whole thing!), but just replacing the end caps worked well. Installation was easy.Highly recommended!May 22, 2014
Very HappyWe purchased the Solar Shade 10% and are very happy with the product and the service. We will definitely buy more. Thanks blinds.com.June 20, 2011
Nice ShadesI purchased four shades for the east end of our house, which was getting blinding afternoon sun, three relatively large ones for the windows and a smaller one for the window in the door at that end of the house. The large ones I ordered as reverse roll (to clear the window hinges) and with the standard chain. The smaller door shade was ordered as a spring loaded roller. All were relatively easy to install, with a small metal bracket to screw onto the wall/door at each end. With moderately careful measuring all came out pretty darn close to perfectly level (according to my level). They look nice and do a good job of reducing the direct sunlight to something that is tolerable, while still providing a view of the yard.My main gripe is that none of the three big shades roll quite straight, and without a little help end up binding up on the mount brackets. A little tug to straighten them when they're about halfway rolled up seems to do the trick. A lesser gripe is that while the mounting brackets for the big shades came with decorative plastic covers, the slightly different brackets for the spring-loaded shade did not, so you're left looking at the raw metal bracket. Neither is a fatal flaw in quite reasonably priced custom size shades, but both seem fixable and would yield an ideal product.August 28, 2009
Great shadesWe purchased these shades (5 %) openness for two of our south facing windows where the sun beats in the mornings on our kitchen table. We can now sit at our table and eat breakfast without the sun glaring in our eyes. I love that the shades also allow us to see out to our view. We had a problem with one of the shades (there was a snag in it), and blinds.com was wonderful about ordering a replacement for us (which we will be receiving next week). Their customer service is great. The only complaint I have about these shades is that they don't come with tie-downs or guide wires. There was some confusion about this when I ordered the blinds. Blinds.com contacted the manufacturer, who stated that if requested, guide wires would be included. When I received the order, they were not included. I think we have the problem solved by using velcro attached the underside of the bottom hem and the underside of our window trim.February 18, 2012
Great outdoor shadesThese shades are perfect. We build a custom home with screened in porch and needed something to handle the western sun exposure right during dinner hour. These shades worked out perfectly. They control the sun very well and reduce the heat load. They offer nearly complete privacy from the outside, but still let you slightly see to the outside. Measure carefully, as they are build to exact dimensions (I measured to 1/8" tolerance). Our are 42" wide by 72" tall and the material handled this dimension nicely. Too wide might flop around in the wind. Installation took about 10 minutes each. Gap for inside mount is as advertized and I would say about 1/2" on each side - not a problem for us since the screen frame is that width. Only nit is that metal bar in the bottom of the screen should be secured - it could slide out either end when the wind blows (I will put a drop of glue on it). Blinds.com was a perfect transaction and very helpful on the phone getting details for this type of purchse. A++++! My wife and I are thrilled with the result. I'll add a picture later.June 15, 2009
Incredible ProductWe researched solar shades on the web to use on our very sunny screened porch. We enjoy eating our meals on the porch so we can enjoy the mountains and listen to the birds. Afternoons were impossible as the sun was blinding and extremely hot. After reading reviews on Blinds.com. we decided to give the solar shades a try. The customer service agent was very knowledgeable and helped tremendously in the measuring process. We ordered the charcoal shades and they are incredible. You can see out, but the sun does not come in. The temperature on the porch stays comfortable so we can actually enjoy the porch. Our next door neighbors liked them so much that they ordered them for their porch. Nice thing about the charcoal is that from the outside they just look like a regular screened in porch. Thank you so much for a tremendous product.May 11, 2013
Be careful - length does affect the installI would add some warning - that the overall length of the shade has an effect on the installation - The longer the shade length - the larger the roll especially when doing an "Inside" frame install.I found that I had to relocate the brackets 3 times in order to clear the roll diameter at the top of window.May 7, 2013
Love my blindsWe decided we could use blinds for our porch. I looked online and found the blinds.com website. I ordered samples and received them in about a week. Next, I called and asked a few questions (the representative I talked to was very helpful). I did my own measuring (how to measure was easily explained on the website). So, I measured twice (just to make sure) and ordered my blinds. I received all ten of the blinds in approximately 2 weeks. I hung them (easy to do) and have been very pleased with how they look. Not only do they keep out the sun but also most of the rain. The only con is they do not have a way to anchor them at the bottom.September 6, 2011
I love these shades! I wish they came with anchors, but we invented one when we put small pipes through the bottom and attached hooks to the porch.Otherwise, they're perfect! Our cooling bill has been reduced. Also, our friends are impressed.....July 11, 2012
phifer shadeI am very satified with the product, helpful assistance offered and the finish instalation. I installed the shades on my back porch attached to a aluminium pergola. The only trick was to remove the styrofoam filler in the columns and then install a wood block to secure the brackets . I also added rings to the bottom of the shade to keep the wind from blowing them around. The rings were install by drilling a small hole on both ends of the metal bar, then slipping the ring thru. I added a small amount of glue to the fabric to prevent a tear.June 5, 2012
Great Outdoor ShadeI ordered two panels of this shade for my screened porch to block the afternoon sun that often blinded us when we ate dinner. I love this shade because it's not completely opaque, and so some of the natural light still shines through. It looks very nice, the color is so neutral that it doesn't stand out, and it opens and closes easily. It DOES cut the light intensity significantly, so we are now not complaining that we have to wear sunglasses during dinner. But, if you really need to eliminate the light completely, this is not your shade. I do wish that the cords looked a bit nicer. They operate fine, but they look a little cheap.June 21, 2011
Solar shade has made a huge differenceWe lost a tree that had provided morning shade in the kitchen. Once it was gone, the kitchen was blindingly bright and HOT in the morning. This shade made a huge and immediate difference in what has been an unusually hot (and fire-y) Colorado summer. Plus, I still have my view!July 12, 2012
Problems1. The connecting bead, on one of the shades purchased, is in the way and won't come down all the way.2. The other shade purchased, has to be guided on the roller when rolling up, other wise it binds up.3. The aluminum rod at the bottom, hasn't been stitched in and if it blows around a lot starts to slide out.May 14, 2009
Great Solution for Screened PorchBlocks sun and heat but allows us to see our woods, blue sky and mountains. So much better than our first thought to install bamboo shades. They have a great return policy if shades do not fit. I do recommend very accurate measurements and then I would add 1/8 inch as one of my measurements was 1/4 inch too short and had to remove end cap and struggle to install shade.April 16, 2014
Great quality at a reasonable price!After several years with inexpensive PVC 'matchstick' style rollup shades, I researched all the better alternatives I could find online. We are so glad we bought the Phifer Sheerweave roll down shades for our covered deck. The 20% openness charcoal shades are perfect! They really cool the area, where we frequently have our meals & entertain. We plan to put holes in the lower bar in order to use small bungee cords to go around the side posts or fence railing to keep them in place on windy days. The phone representatives were very helpful with my questions, too. We have already recommended them to a friend for her convenience store as they are what many of the restaurants are using. They look beautiful & seem strong & well made. Thank you, Phifer!!July 21, 2011
VERY PLEASEDI don't know why I didn't rate the blinds as excellent since they met (and probably exceeded) our expectations. These are for an outdoor patio area and they're just the ticket. We're able to see through the blinds to the foliage beyond while getting the solar protection we felt we needed. The pull cord makes it really easy to roll the blinds. The measurements were perfect and they were pretty darn simple to install. And, we were really shocked at how quickly we received them! Custom blinds, and I think we received them within just a few days of ordering.June 6, 2011
A GOOD SHADEThis is a very good shade, but it needs something to help anchor it at the bottom so that there will be no swaying. Maybe, some eyelets and some claps of a kind. It also needs a valance and a nice rustfree pull chain, deep six the plastic chain. This would make it look a lot better, but the key is doing it without raising the price sky high.July 7, 2012
Recommend highlyGood product at a price of less than half of Lowes or Homedepot.Shipped on time and ready to put up., Thank youJuly 10, 2012
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