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Select your shutter type

Choose your mount and frame

Inside Direct Mount (hinge to jamb, no frame)
Inside Hidden Hang Strip
Inside Z
Inside L
Outside L
(be sure to add the width of the frame to each of the 4 sides of your window opening before ordering)

Arch Only, Arch Top, Qtr Arch, Circle, etc.



Left Size:
Arch Top Only - Height of Left Side

Right Size:
Arch Top Only - Height of Right Side

Center Height:
Height of Center

Bottom Size:
Arch Top Only - Width of Bottom
My window has unobstructed depth of
I want my louver size to be:
2 1/2" louvers
3 1/2" louvers
4 1/2" louvers

List # of panels and where they are hinged.
Do you want front tilt, or hidden rear tilt ?

Color Name & Number

Hinge Color:
Hinge Color Name

Is this shutter next to or near another shutter?
Yes or No. If yes, list the shutter(s) it is near.
My window has a sill that:
Does not Protrude

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Additional Notes: