Bali: 1/2" Micro Blinds: 1/2" LightBlocker Mini Blinds

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Standard Headrail

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Two on One Headrail - Adds $28.00 Learn More - Play Video
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3/8 in. Spacer Blocks :
Spacer Blocks Qty:(2 per pack) $4
(if needed one every 18 inches)
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Product Constraints:

  • Any blinds under 12" adds a $8.00 surcharge.
  • Any blind between 6" and 9" has centered tilt control only. There is no lift control, so you want be able to raise or lower the blind.
  • On a blind under 22" you must have opposite side controls only.
  • The max height is 96" for a blind that is between 9" and 22" wide.