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Bali: 2" Aluminum Blinds: 2" Heritage Aluminum Blinds

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Add cloth tapes to this blind
      Tape Color: 
NOTE: Cloth tapes adds 20% to the base price of the blind.
Headrail Options:
Standard Headrail
 Please choose control position:

Two on One Headrail - Adds $28.00
Three on One Headrail - Adds $28.00

Cord Tilt
Wand Tilt

Add Radio Frequency Motorization Tilt (adds $139)
Choose Power Source
Single Reloadable Battery Wand (with batteries) 12 Volt w/ 10" Lead Wire (adds $48)
Dual Reloadable Battery Wand (with batteries) (adds $97)
Plug-in 12 Volt DC Transformer w/ 25' power cord (adds $71)