Wood Shutters: Cottage 1 1/4" Shutters
Room Name:
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Full Shutter or Cafe Shutter
Choose your type of shutter.
Full Shutter
Cafe Shutter
Double Hung

Double Hung windows are available over60" in height up to 96" Call for sizes over 72".
Color Choices
Please choose a paint or stain color.
  Please choose your paint color

Stains (adds 20%)
Hinge Choices
What color hinge do you want?
Painted to match your shutter
Antique Brass (Stains default)
Bright Brass
Oil Rubbed Bronze (adds $30)
Mounting Choices
Cottage 1 1/4 shutters are only available with hidden hanging strips. Mount : Learn More - Play Video

     Inside              Outside

Optional Divider Rail
Divider Rail
inches from the bottom.
Number of Panels per Opening
Shutter Configurations:

Click here to view all Shutter Configurations.
Not all configurations are available with this product. Also, the shown frames will not be included.

Things to Consider

My window tilts inward for cleaning:

Does the window opening have molding around it?

This shutter will be installed next to another shutter.
(this is important for rooms with more than 1 shutter side by side.)
Yes, I want my top rail position to match.
If I have a divider rail , My bottomrail and divider rail position will be matched.
My window has a sill that:
Does not Protrude
My window has unobstructed depth of

Product Constraints:

  • Divider Rails are not available under 40" high.
  • Inside mount is not recommended for tilting windows.