Bali: Light Filtering: DiamondCell Light Filtering Shades

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Daybreak II 3/8" Single Cell

Daybreak II 3/4" Single Cell
Daybreak II 3/8" Double Cell
Tinted Whites 3/8" Single Cell
Tinted Whites 3/4" Single Cell
Northern Lights 3/8" Double Cell
Northern Lights 3/4" Single Cell
Storm 3/8" Double Cell
Tinted Whites 3/8" Double Cell
Libretto 3/8" Double Cell
Cosmopolitan 3/8" Single Cell
Cosmopolitan 3/4" Single Cell
Sheer Bliss 3/8" Single Cell
Sheer Bliss 3/4" Single Cell
Medieval 3/8" Single Cell
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For motorized shades and blinds only.

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