Graber: Graber: CrystalPleat Light Filtering Arch


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Perfect Arch (Height is exactly half the width)
Perfect Quarter Circle (Height is equal to the width)

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Please choose your fabric and color
Garden Retreat 3/8" Double Cell (adds 25%)

Facets 3/8" Double Cell (adds 25%)
Garden Retreat 3/4" Single Cell (adds 15%)
Garden Retreat 3/8 Single Cell (Adds 15%)
Elegant Neutrals 3/8" Single Cell (Adds 15%)
Elegant Neutrals 3/4" Single Cell (Adds 25%)
Elegant Neutrals 3/8" Double Cell (adds 25%)
Daydream 3/8" Single Cell
Daydream 3/8" Double Cell (Adds 15%)
Watercolor Linen 3/8" Double Cell (adds 15%)
Scroll 3/8" Single Cell (Adds 25%)
Scroll 3/4" Single Cell (Adds 25%)
Nuance 3/8" Double Cell (adds 25%)
Zest 3/8" Single Cell (Adds 25%)
Cambridge 3/8" Single Cell (Adds 75%)
Simply Sheer 3/8" Single Cell (Adds 75%)

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Product Constraints:

  • Height on a Perfect Arch is equal to half the width.
  • Arches are inoperable.