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Levolor: Light Filtering: Accordia Light Filtering Cellular Shades

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Please choose Single Cell or Double Cell.
9/16" Classic Single Cell
  Please choose your color.

9/16" Designer Single Cell (adds 15%)
7/16" Designer Double Cell (adds 20%)
9/16" Designer Texture Single Cell Colors (adds 55%)
9/16" Linen & Translucence Single Cell Colors (adds 65%)
9/16" Single Cell Sheer Efficiency (adds 145%)

Lift Control Options:

Please choose the lift system you'd like:

  Headrail Options:
Standard Single Headrail
 Lift Control:

Two on One Headrail - Adds $32

Cordless (adds $65) Learn More - Play Video 65% of Accordia customers choose Cordless !
Corded Bottom-Up/Top-Down Learn More - Play Video (adds $45)
Has a concealed floating center rail.
Cordless & Bottom-Up/Top-Down Learn More - Play Video
Has a center floating rail for top down operation. view prices
Continuous Cord Loop Learn More - Play Video view prices

No Charge Options:
Please send me Hold Downs

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We’ll remake it for free if it doesn’t fit.

Product Constraints:

  • Bottom-Up/Top-Down has controls on both sides. One side operates the top of the shade, the other side operates the bottom of the shade.
  • The minimum width for a shade with continuous cord loop is 18" and the minimum height is 6".
  • Please note: For 2 on 1 headrail with continuous cordloop, controls will be located on the left side of the left shade, and the right side of the right shade.

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