Wood Shutters: Economy Wood Plantation Shutters

Room Name:
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Choose your type of shutter.
Full Shutter
Cafe Shutter
Cafe Shutter with Full Frame (adds 10%)

How do you want your shutter framed?
Four Sided Frame
Three Sided Frame - no bottom frame
Two Sided Frame - no top or bottom frame
Choose your louver size .
2 1/2" Louver
3 1/2" Louver
4 1/2" Louver
Please choose a color.
What color hinge do you want?
Painted to Match
Antique Brass
Bright Brass
Stainless Steel (adds $30)
How do you want to mount your shutter?
Inside Mount Hidden Hanging Strip
Inside Mount Standard L-Frame
Outside Mount Hidden Hanging Strip
Outside Mount Standard L-Frame

Please choose your shutter configuration

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Divider Rail Option
Divider Rail :  inches from the bottom.
Minimum of 20" from the bottom.
Things to Consider
Does the window opening have molding around it?

My window has a sill that:
Does not Protrude

This shutter will be installed next to another shutter.
(this is important for rooms with more than 1 shutter side by side.)
Yes, I want my top rail position to match.
If I have a divider rail , My bottomrail and divider rail position will be matched.

My window tilts inward for cleaning:

Product Constraints:

  • Shutters greater than 50" in height require a divider rail .
  • 2 1/2" Louver Panel divider rail may vary up to 1 1/4" from specified position.
  • 3 1/2" Louver Panel divider rail may vary up to 1 3/4" from specified position.
  • 4 1/2" Louver Panel divider rail may vary up to 2 1/4" from specified position.