Light Filtering: Economy Motorized Cellular Shades

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1/2" Single Cell Light Filtering
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1/2" Single Cell Room Darkening (adds 22%)
3/8" Double Cell Light Filtering (adds 13%)
3/8" Double Cell Blackout (adds 31%)
Triple Cell Light Filtering (adds 25%)
One remote can control multiple shades. Do you want a remote control with this shade?
No remote needed, I've already ordered one for another shade
Yes, I need a remote control (adds $15)

NOTE: If you have multiple shades and only 1 remote is needed, please choose Qty 1 on the shade with the remote and add the others on a separate line item.

Your shade(s) will arrive fully programmed. If you order several shades, you can choose to operate them together on the same channel so that they rise and lower together. Or, to operate shades independently, choose different channels for each shade.

Please select the channel you want your shade to be set at.

Product Constraints:

  • Maximum area size is 49 square feet.
  • Hold Down brackets are not available.
    Side Mount brackets are not available.