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Blinds for Clunkers

Upgrade to fabulous energy efficient window coverings!

Thanks for your interest, this promotion has ended but you can find great deals here and learn all about our popular energy efficient products here

Blinds for Clunkers
You Get Rid of Your Energy DE-ficient Blinds, and Get a 10% Discount on New, Energy-Efficient Blinds from Blinds.com! Insulate to save on your energy bills and taxes!

You might not know this, but your old blinds are causing your home to lose the precious heating and cooling you pay for all year 'round. With no substantial barrier between your home and your windows, inside air escapes through tiny crack in walls and windows. This is called Detrimental Heat Loss. In the summer months, your windows are sun rays' one-way street into your home. Not to worry! Blinds.com has the answer.

It's so easy! Follow 3 simple steps:

Take a photo of yourself donating blinds to a local charity or recycling them at your local plant.  

Email your photo to photos@Blinds.com.
You will receive a personalized promo code just for you for 10% off your entire order on Blinds.com-brand products! Choose from any of our energy-efficient products, and start shopping smart.
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