Whether you're looking at ways to cut your energy bill with window treatments, re-thinking your favorite cleaning products or just curious about how others keep their houses chemical-free, what better time than Earth Day to try out something new with your family.

Eco Home Makeover: Save up to 15% Off Top Products

Join Blinds.com as we welcome this eco-focused month with tips on how to make your home greener:

As passionate as you might be about helping your home be more eco-friendly, baby steps and small changes are the way to keep your momentum going towards a greener you.

No need to conquer it all at one go, sit down and evaluate what parts of a greener lifestyle are most important to you and start with these first. Pick 2-3 of your top items and changes and jot down a few actionable ideas you can tackle within one week.

  • Close your blinds and drapes while at work during the day to keep the temperature down naturally – let your window treatments work for you, instead of your AC
  • Re-use 2 old containers you would have normally thrown away this week
  • Buy 2 dinners worth produce from a farmer's market once this month
  • Skip buying paper towels on your next shopping trip and find some pretty re-usable towels instead
  • Shut the water off while you brush your teeth

Your window treatments can mean the difference between an ‘okay’ eco-friendly home and a glorious green home! Here are a few ways that your windows can make an ecological impact.

If you've ever been a chronic label reader at the grocery store, you'll know how shocking some common household product ingredients can be. Save money and your family from chemical exposure by whipping up a few simple cleaning concoctions that smell great and are pet / kiddo safe too.