Treat Yourself -'s Holiday Shopping Guide

Stressed about the upcoming holidays? Maybe it´s time to treat yourself - and your windows. With hundreds of window treatments on sale this month, is making shopping and decorating easier and more stress-free than ever.

Use our holiday shopping guide to find the perfect blind or shade for your room, and treat yourself to the window you´ve always wanted.

Get the Room You Deserve

Redecorating your windows can transform an entire room, and give you some quality “me” time while you hunt for new décor and apply some finishing touches. Plus, there´s nothing like the satisfaction that comes from finally getting rid of that dusty old blind in favor of something beautiful you installed yourself.

Embrace the Softer Side - Fabulous Fabrics

Seasonal colors. Designer styles.

The right fabric in your window can work high-fashion wonders. Add a modern, flowing look or something more traditional and luxurious with Roman Shades or Draperies. The choices are endless, so you can indulge however you like.

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Get the Room You Deserve

Want your window to do it all? Don´t worry, you´re not being selfish - you´re just looking for Sheer Shades. Combining the slat look of normal blinds with a soft, stylish fabric, sheer shades give light control and beauty all at once.

Get the Room You Deserve

Want to keep your home toasty? Cellular shades are the perfect insulating window treatments. The shades have a special honeycomb design that traps air, keeping your warm air from leaking out through your windows, where as much as 20% of your home´s energy can be lost!

If you live in a colder climate, cellular shades save money during the winter, and come with a wide assortment of fabric types and colors-excellent for holiday decorating!

This month, save 20% on these fantastic shades and more, thanks to Levolor!

Trying to get a more traditional look? Stay cozy and classic with beautiful plantation shutters. These real wood window coverings not only trap air, they also add value to your home that´ll keep giving back, no matter the season.

Adorn your home with Norman´s famous shutters and more and save 20% this month!

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Want to choose between the best of both worlds? Bali, one of the top designer brands around, features both insulating cellular shades and gorgeous wood blinds, better for keeping you warm during the cold months.

In November, you can save 15% on this legendary brand, and decorate with the best!

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