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10 reasons why it's awesome
to work at Blinds.com

  1. Essential core values that we don't just talk about, we live and work by them.
  2. We have the best coffee machine ever (we call it 'Stevebucks') that keeps us going, along with Fresh Fruit Mondays, parties with cake and candy bowls. Yum.
  3. You deserve to be taken care of. We offer generous medical, vision and dental benefits through our parent company, The Home Depot.
  4. Competitive starting pay above the industry norm with 401k and HUGELY exciting opportunities to grow your career.
  5. Some of the most energetic, outrageous co-workers you'll ever meet. Trust us. They're pretty amazing.
  6. Success is actually rewarded here — with words, money, trophies, dance parties or cake. Or all of the above!.
  7. Our employees enjoy awesome discounts on technology, education, online shopping, car rentals and more. Pretty sweet.
  8. We improve continuously and push you to do the same. You've got a built-in support system whether you're running your first marathon or serving your hundredth customer.
  9. Grow your brain with us through our company-sponsored training. We LOVE watching employees grow and take on new roles.
  10. Love what you do and work in a place that makes you smile. Leave the power suit in the closet and get ready to love Mondays again.
Help people become better than
they ever thought possible.

Our Core Values

Improve Continuously

We're not happy with the status quo. As industry leaders, we believe we can always better ourselves, in and out of the office. This mean we look for just as many ways to serve our customers as we do to serve our community.

Experiment Without Fear of Failure

We like to think of ourselves as mad scientists. For every failed experiment, you learn one lesson that will help you out in the future. At Blinds.com, failure is just another step towards success.

Be Yourself and Speak Up

Our people are more than names on a payroll, they're creative and unique humans with a lifetime full of experiences to guide us to success. From hair color to business ideas, creative thinking and unique viewpoints are a job requirement!

Enjoy The Ride

Working here means you're a part of the family. Have fun with the twists, turns, camaraderie and milestones. We'll be right there with you, enjoying the ride together. Now let's go eat some cake!!

See what our team members say
"The culture at our office and even while working at home is awesome. The camaraderie between employees and departments is wonderful even via phone or email." Annette | Care Specialist
"Thanks to the motivation from Jay, I will never look at myself or any other company in the same way. I now know that there is no use in worrying about failure...failure is simply a preceding step to success." Lance | Customer Service Coach
"Working here has encouraged me to be the best me that I can be, in all areas of my life. To be surrounded by such positive energy, even on the worst of days, is a blessing and I've never been happier :)" Elena | Design Consultant
"Rather than change my life, I felt I finally landed in a place that would recognize and reward how I operated already." Benjamin | face2face Coordinator
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