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If you've got curtains or drapes around your windows, the best way to treat them is to vacuum, steam-clean or dry-clean. During the summer, some store heavier curtains away in exchange for lighter ones. If you're going to do this, don't forget to dust and clean them before you put them into storage. The last thing you want once the winter starts is a dusty curtain waiting for you.


A couple of times per year, it's a good idea to clean your blinds and shades. How you clean your window coverings depends on the type that you have in your home. Each one needs a different kind of care.

Wooden blinds require a wood cleaner on a mostly dry sponge. Aluminum blintds can be dusted, washed or vacuumed. To wash, it's usually easiest to remove the blinds and place them in a tub of mild soapy water, then rinsed clean with a hose. Dry them after cleaning so that they don't rust! Vinyl shutters can be cleaned with a sponge or soft cloth, and the same can be used for wood shutters. To clean roman shades, use a vacuum cleaner with an upholstery attachment.

Since cellular shades are one of our dust-free window coverings, they require very little cleaning. A light sweep with a vacuum cleaner attachment will do the trick!


Mixing a little vinegar with water well help your windows sparkle when you clean them. If you want an even deeper clean around your windows, use a Q-tip and vinegar to clean the tracks and hard-to-reach grooves.

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