Smooth Vinyl Vertical Blinds

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The Smooth Vinyl Vertical Blinds provide energy efficiency of vinyl and complete light control, at a great price. They are easy to install, and ideal for covering sliding patio doors or wid ... (read more or see colors)
4.6  out of 5

Smooth Vinyl Vertical Blinds
4.6  out of 5

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Curved White REGC 100 (adds 13%)
Curved White REGC 100 (adds 13%)
Curved Off White REGC 134 (adds 13%)
Curved Off White REGC 134 (adds 13%)
Curved Ivory REGC 040 (adds 13%)
Curved Ivory REGC 040 (adds 13%)
Curved Light Grey REGC 228 (adds 13%)
Curved Light Grey REGC 228 (adds 13%)
Curved Sand REGC 324 (adds 13%)
Curved Sand REGC 324 (adds 13%)
Value Curved White BQ 100
Value Curved White BQ 100
Value Curved Off White BQ 134
Value Curved Off White BQ 134
Curved Tan REGC 307 (adds 13%)
Curved Tan REGC 307 (adds 13%)

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Sale Ends Tomorrow! Sitewide Sale - Buy 3 Products, Get 1 Free or Save 10% on All Products with code: LOVIN-BUY3, LOVIN-10. Sale ends June 30th.
The Smooth Vinyl Vertical Blinds provide energy efficiency of vinyl and complete light control, at a great price. They are easy to install, and ideal for covering sliding patio doors or wide windows. Vanes are 3 1/2" wide, and included is a free squared corner valance; or select the elegant rounded corner valance for an upgrade Product features include a deluxe track with a self-aligning, heavy-duty aluminum channel designed to ensure equal spacing and synchronized vane action. Choose cordless with wand control, or corded operation. Vanes are the same color, front and back.
The Value Curved colors are lighter in weight and more translucent. The Curved colors will block more light and offer more durability.

This product complies with CPSC child safety guidelines. If you have children in your home on a regular basis, CPSC recommends the use of cordless window coverings.

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Product Specifications Need Help? Smooth Vinyl Vertical Blinds
Standard Blind Specifications
  • Minimum Width: 14"
  • Minimum Height: 9"
  • Maximum Height: 120"
  • Maximum Width: 96"
  • Made in: USA
Mounting Requirements

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Standard Options:
Smooth Vinyl Vertical Blinds4.65259343
love my verticals:)Very happy with this company. Happy with the product and customer service. Only thing I can say is that for any single women out there make sure you have someone professional install your blinds or verticals. I happen to be a rather strong and bull headed woman and if I don't know how to do something I will stay on it like white on rice till I figure it out. This was in fact a big job. I installed a huge vertical for my living room window and then another three for the bedroom and kitchen windows. Ladies this was not an easy job for one woman who has never installed verticals. In the end they turned out perfect however it may be worth it for women who are not handy to pay the extra few dollars and have a professional install them for you:) Great company, great product, great customer service, very happy and would order from them again:)May 12, 2009
Best BlindsThe blinds I order were perfect. Exactly what I expected and exactly what I got. The price was excellent also, the delivery was also on time and actually sooner than I had expected. I would definitely look to to order more window treatments in the future. Thank you very much.July 24, 2010
Great Purchase and PriceThis purchase was one of the best on line experiences I have ever encountered. The staff was friendly and helpful! The blinds are outstanding for the price! The measurements worked out perfectly and the installation was very easy. These blinds are as good as the custom made blinds I have that I paid triple the price.March 15, 2007
Finally! A company that performs beautifully!Everything about went smoothly. The ordering, quick receiving, good value for the buck, and easy installation!We live on a farm where I have a free standing little office we call "My Mojito."Now My Mojito looks wonderful from the inside and outside, and stays cool!Finally! A company that performs beautifully!Will post on my fb.July 23, 2011
Almost PerfectBlind is right color, right size, and shipped quickly. As an engineer I would look for a solution to the one issue I had. Due to the physical limitations of the wand mechanism at specific widths there will be a slight interference between the wand and the last vertical slat. This can cause that last slat to hang slightly askew. I has some leeway and could have ordered slightly wider which would have eliminated the issue. The ordering program could include a warning for the specific widths that create this issue and ask if you could order a little wider.February 8, 2015
First blindsWas nervous ordering blinds. I've never measured for custom blinds, I am very happy with the quality, appearance and functionality. I am a woman with h absolutely NO experience with installing blinds or using tools in general. I did it! I installed these blinds by myself in about 40 minutes!!! SO easy with instructions and an online video. Great products.January 29, 2015
Blinds were FilthyI had ordsered four sets of blinds for a new home I had just built.The blinds for the Family Slider arrived Filthy. I had heard good things about so I decided to give them a try.Photos are attached. I used Blinds Galore in the past with no issues. On the brighter side they were very apologetic and sent out a new set quicklyMarch 23, 2014
Great Looking BlindsI was impressed with the excellent fit for our large window with unusual width and height. It looks first class. Installation was also surprisingly easy. My only concern was the shipping fee on the very long package.November 1, 2010
Definitely will be back!Ordered vertical window blinds and was so glad they were custom made for my window. The measuring instructions are very easy to follow, and once installed they fit great! The installation was simple and was able to install in less than an hour!I will be ordering again as I change out my older blinds!December 13, 2013
StackingI ordered several different window treatments for my home and overall my experience was excellent, my husband was amazed at the exactness of the customizing, the treatments were exactly the size we measured. We love the faux wood plantation shutters - a perfect fit and so rich looking - you would never know to look at the shutters that they are faux wood and with our high humidity here in Florida they are the best choice. I ordered 2.5 inch golden oak faux blinds for my kitchen and the stain matched exactly the wood trim making it look so together! I just love them. The verticals in the faux wood are much better than the last ones we had that were done in pvc (also they were purchased from HomeDepot before), the faux wood verticals are heavier and I am sure a better insulator than just the plain pvc and there is hardly a price difference in the two.I am definitely going to order some more window treatments - my home office window is on the west side and the sun in the afternoon comes blasting into my office and even with in- expensive mini blinds and drapes it gets really hot. The faux wood 2.5" blinds are going to make a huge difference and I can't wait to order again.Thanks for a job well done!January 16, 2011
Bad choice...should have went to LowesTo be honest, it took way too long for my blinds to get here from its order date. (About a month) When I went to hang the blinds the plastic that surrounds the valence was cracked in spots. I hung them anyway because I had no other option. Its good that these blinds are in my basement because they are not very noticable.Another problem was that I ordered one blind with the wand on the left and another with the wand on the right and you sent me both with wands on the right. I had to improvise and rig that so it would work. Most likely because of that I had to shave the leingth of the one blind.So....I would NOT order from your company again nor would I recommend your company again.December 21, 2007
Things to be aware of...Just purchased four set of blinds. My ceilings are lower over the windows, so my measurements needed to be very precise.As the video and instructions tell you, (outside mount) measure to top of window (outside molding), then add 2 inches to allow for hardware. I added 2 inches and allowed for an extra 1/4 inch (all I had room for), but the blinds I received were 1/2 inch too long. I will now need to hand cut each PVC blind (120-150).Be aware that if you have limited height, the valance clip will need an extra 7/8" at the top. They didn't mention this, and now I have four valances I cannot use.Lastly, the open/close mechanism is a bit flimsy. They use a tiny silver ball to attach the drawstring together, but this ball gets caught in the mechanism. To open my blinds completely, I need to reach up and push the blinds in order to force the silver ball through the opening at the top.On the good side, the blinds were nicely priced, and do look quite nice. Ordering without seeing the product will always be a problem. Just try to be aware of whatever limitations your windows may present.August 31, 2009
I couldnt have asked for any better service, the blinds are wonderful, top quality, fast shipment, an all around great experience. The people I spoke with on the phone were wonderful and very helpful, at first I was looking at blinds from one of the big Home improvement stores which was very stressful, no one seemed to know anything, nor could they find anyone that works their that knew a whole lot about the products, your website had more information on it than I could receive from any sales person, also we had a blind company come to our house to look and give us an estimate which turned out to be about four times the price I received from, and the installation was a breeze!!! I live in a rural area, and the local sales person who came to our house is making a huge amount of sales around here, you see their yard signs all over the place, if people could only know about they would be shocked about the money they could save, MAYBE I SHOULD GO INTO THE BLIND BUSINESS!!!! Anyways, I have nothing but excellent things to say about the company A++++++++ service.June 9, 2006
Thanks for the rebate offer at least.I heard about thru their rebate offer and decided to give them a try on a set of vertical blinds for a small bedroom window. Ordering was easy and shipping was prompt. The blinds have a nice appearance but I found the action of turning the wand to be very poor. It is not smooth when operated so it tends to bind when opening or closing. It works, just needs a lot of jiggling to do so. The track is smooth but noisy when pushing the blinds to either end. Clickety-clack like a little train track. The fit and finish left a bit to be desired as well. The valance piece was cut just 1/8" too wide which caused it to bow in the middle (horizontally) which would have been ok but that made it so wouldn't fit inside the corner piece where the return attaches (vertically). Even for a 'value' set quality, for the cost I'd be disappointed if it had not been a free after rebate offer.March 18, 2007
Very PleasedHad an inside mount on Vertical Blinds.I was really nervous about dealing with an online company because if the measurements were off I'd have to mail it back and deal with the headache, but these guys are pros.The inside mount snaps to brackets that you screw into the top of the window (rather than on the sides) so they blinds fit in my window frame like a glove. Make sure you give them the true measurement of the width as they will make it a little smaller on purpose anyways.I'd never installed blinds before and had these up in about 15 minutes. Probably saved myself a couple hundred bucks when I think about mark-up and installation at Home Depot or Lowe's.Good luck!April 22, 2008
Great Product, Easy installationI ordered 7 vertical blinds for (obviously) 7 windows. Having never installed blinds, I thought that this would be something worth trying. The videos on the "" website made measuring and installing very easy. I had a couple of issues that did need to address: 1) I was going to be installing in drywall/wood combination, and 2) I would need to purchase separate anchor screws. I needed a 3/16" drill bit for drywall only and then a 3/8" drill bit for the drywall/wood combination. The supplied screws may have worked in the drywall/wood combination, but I didn't want to risk it.Long story short, you become an expert installer after the second window. I would recommend doing your first blind installation on the smallest window in order to work out your technique. All in all, it was an easy process and the blinds look awesome.There were no problems involving supplies included nor with what was ordered. All items came as expected. They even included an additional vane for each window. I recommend doing it yourself. I have paid installers to install vertical blinds before, but from now on, I will install vertical blinds myself.May 3, 2009
GreatI have shopped because I need oversized blinds for some high rise condos in downtown Phoenix. You can accomodate the large sizes, provide prompt deliveryand have reasonable prices. Thank you!February 23, 2015
okay for the moneyI'd previously bought vertical blinds from Sears that were absolutely great - & a low price. When I needed a new set for another sliding door, they were no longer selling them, so I went with these. What a difference in quality (& not in a good way)! These blinds look fine, but the wand is difficult to turn & they do not open smoothly at all. Just okay for the money.July 21, 2007
Great BlindsThis was the first time I purchased blinds via the internet. The best move I've ever made. Not only are they made of high quality materials, Fit perfectly and look great, installation was simple, thanks to the easy instructions that came with the blinds along with an installation e-mail sent me after I placed my order. I couldn't be happier with I have and will continue to recommend your company to all my friends and relatives. Also I will be replacing all my vertical blinds with yoursMarch 21, 2008
vertical blindsPretty much what I expected...I have had the vertical slats fall out of their holder on two occasions? Will have to wait and see how they hold up over the long haul.February 10, 2015
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