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Designed to evoke the simple, yet stylish life of an island vacation getaway, Cape Cod window shadings offer both seclusion and luxury. They come in a large assortment of room-darkening solids, textur ... (read more or see colors)
4.6  out of 5

2 1/2" Cape Cod Room Darkening
4.6  out of 5

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Sitewide Savings! On all products, either Buy 3 Get the 4th free with code: MEMORIAL-BUY3, or Save 10% with code: BC10-MEMORIAL.
Designed to evoke the simple, yet stylish life of an island vacation getaway, Cape Cod window shadings offer both seclusion and luxury. They come in a large assortment of room-darkening solids, textures, and linen fabrics. Or view the Cape Cod Light Filtering Collection to get light-filtering patterns and colors that allow more light. Either way, these shadings create a mood that invites you to sit back, relax, and enjoy the good life.

Like a blind, these window shadings feature soft, translucent fabric vanes suspended between two sheer fabric layers. When Cape Cod shadings are lowered, the 2 1/2" vanes may be tilted at any angle, from fully open to fully closed. With the vanes open, your view is filtered and softened by the sheer facings. Even when open, the fine voile fabric blocks 60% of the harmful UV rays which can fade your furniture and floors. With the vanes closed for privacy, a gentle light glows through, and then 98% of the UV is blocked. When the shading is raised, the fabric is concealed within the color-coordinated headrail, and you can see out with no obstruction.

The Cape Cod Shading operates using a continuous cord loop for safety or choose a remote controlled motorized shade (batteries included). Comes complete with mounting brackets and easy-to-follow installation instructions.

Shading products from all manufacturers have a 3/4" gap on the side of the loop cord, which may create a privacy problem if your window does not have trim, or if you do not have a drapery to cover that space. However, for most people this is not a deterrent to buying shadings. When you measure the height, take the SHORTEST measurement, so the bottom rail can pivot and the vanes can rotate easily.

This product complies with CPSC child safety guidelines. If you have children in your home on a regular basis, CPSC recommends the use of cordless window coverings.

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Product Specifications Need Help? 2 1/2" Cape Cod Room Darkening
Standard Blind Specifications
  • Minimum Width: 12"
  • Maximum Width: 109"
  • Minimum Height: 12"
  • Maximum Height: 102"
  • Approximate Inside Mount Deduction: 1" on fabric
  • Made in: Custom Assembled in USA
  • End Mount Deduction: 1 1/2" on Material
  • Height Deduction: 1/8" to allow for tilting
Mounting Requirements

Product Options Need Help? 2 1/2" Cape Cod Room Darkening

Standard Options:
2 1/2" Cape Cod Room Darkening4.651921
Love These Blinds and Blinds.comThe material for the blinds was backordered until 7-20-2012 so wasn't expecting the blinds until the end of July or early August. Never received a shipping notice from so you can imagine my (pleasant) surprise when the UPS driver stopped at my house with the order.Installation was a breeze and the look is wonderful. I am so very pleased with both the quality of the product and The price of a similar product at the large home improvement stores here on the Big Island of Hawaii was almost 40% higher than what I paid with is the best. I highly recommend them.An Extremely Satisfied CustomerJuly 19, 2012
2 1/2 " cape cod room darkening blindLove it! The instructions need to be read a few times to make sure no mistakes would have been made; however, the youtube clip was helpful though I didn't need to view all of it.August 23, 2013
great shadesI had a consultation with a representative who was very patient and helpful. I didn't know what I wanted and she helped me narrow my choices based on options that were available with different styles -such as top/down, cordless, etc.I decided on these for my bedroom to block light from a streetlight outside my window. If you want your room completely dark these do not block all light but I like them the way they are. I can still see to get up in the middle of the night without turning on any lights but it's dark enough for me to sleep easily.Installation was so easy. I probably could have done it myself but my husband helped and we didn't even argue at all !This style goes well with my newly remodeled modern home. Iwould definitely recommend to a friend.January 22, 2015
Just Right for Our Living RoomEasy install--just the right amount of privacy!May 3, 2011
Nice look for something differentI purchased the Cape Cod Room Darkening blinds for a large family room window, nearly 10 ft wide, kitchen and dining room. I did not want the typical wood slat blinds, but didn't like the look of verticals so I looked for an alternative solution. Someone I know has Hunter Douglas Silhouettes and they look great. I thought I would get the same thing until I saw the price tag. They were outrageous. I was reluctant to purchase the Cape Cod's since I couldn't tell if they would be the same quality. I must say for the price they are really nice. They offer plenty of privacy when open or closed. The sheer fabric does a great job at allowing you to see out but still keeping it private during the day. The one thing to note is if you are using these in a bedroom and want total darkness, you will not get them with these. In my opinion these are best in a room you typically would want light in like a kitchen or front window. As other reviews mentioned, the shade does close tight at the top, but gets progressively more open at the bottom. To be clear, you still get privacy as they are not so open someone can see in. But for light purposes, they will still let some light in. The room darkening material does not let light in, but the small gap between the vanes does. I have found that if light is shining directly on the window, the sheer fabric will reduce glare, but it also makes it hard to see out the window. If you have any type of cover outside stopping direct sunlight, then you will be ok.The construction of the blinds is nice. The control mechanism works great and the blinds are easy to lower and open. I would highly recommend you get the continuous loop if you have the choice. I gave these blinds an overall rating of 4, instead of 5, because I was a little disappointed with how they are so difficult to see out of with sunshine right on them. I thought they would have blocked the glare and still allowed visibility out. I think it is because the sheer fabric is glossy so it reflects too much light itself. Had it been a flat fabric it wouldn't be like that. Otherwise, if you are looking for a Hunter Douglas alternative these are great for the money. I purchased these for all my "social" rooms; ie family room, dining room, and kitchen. Very happy with the purchase!January 9, 2013
pretty but not at all room darkeningThe fabric itself does not allow light through, however there is a major flaw in the design of the shade. When the horizontal fabric veins are closed, only the top ones lay flat. The veins gap progressively wider as they go down the shade. So on a large window, only the very top is "darkening" and the rest allows in lots of light. I am very disappointed, as I am awakened at sunrise by the sun streaming in. If the bottom bar was redesigned to be weighted in such a fashion as to lay fully parallel to the window and perpendicular to the sill (like the veins), it could perhaps pull the lower veins shut. Wish they would fix this problem since the shades are really pretty.August 31, 2012
Pleased with appearancePurchased the Horizonal shadings for both my bedroom and office. Used the room darkening for the bedroom and the light fitering for the office. Although I very much like the shadings and their appearance in both rooms - the room darkening for the bedroom do not provide much more darkness than the light filtering. For the difference in price - it's not a value. I have always thought vanes that close in a downward position let in more light than vanes that close in an upward postion. Just my opinion. These are definutely a nice addition to my windows/rooms and I'm not disappointed with my purchase - but not what you want if you need to block out sunlight.November 12, 2012
Room darkening - not reallyThese are nice sheers but not good for windows that get direct sun light. Can't see through when with direct light. Not darkening at all with direct sun. So if you truly want a room darkened - I wouldn't recommend this type of shade.June 6, 2013
Gorgeous Hunter Douglas Shades!We absolutely love our new shades, and would highly recommend them to others. They came carefully packed, and easy to install. price beat all others on this Hunter Douglas product, even "budget" blind companies!March 9, 2008
A+ RatingI read many reviews on several products and decided to purchase based on the positive feedback. I am glad I did and was certainly pleased with the quality of the product, the ease of installation, and response of customer serivce. There was a mfg. problem with one of the blinds and when I called customer service, it was addressed quickly and courteously and replaced promptly. I let them know my experience was great and still they wanted to know if there was any thing I thought they could improve upon. Would definitely recommend and will use again.November 9, 2011
A Wonderful ComplimentI had been searching for just the right treatment for my 12 foot bow window. Not only was this product just perfect for what I had in mind it was also priced better than other places I had been. I wanted something that would allow the most light during the day and keep me secure at night. This product afforded me both with the look of blinds and sheer curtain. It was a wonderful compliment to my room!!March 31, 2008
Nantucket Shades a good valueAfter pricing various window treatments, I decided on the Nantucket Shades by Hunter Douglas. The prices vary by 2x from one vendor to another. had the best price I found. When the blinds arrived, they were installed within half an hour by me (with a bit of help from tool using man) and they look great. Seriously, anyone could install these and they are a good value.February 21, 2008
Why Buy Anywhere Else than purchased 3 separate orders of horizontal shadings at The Hunter Douglas shadings that I received were of the same quality that local retailers wanted to charge 3x for; the orders also arrived within the timeframe promised. They are one of the easiest window shadings to install - approx. 10-15 minutes per window. I will without a doubt shop here again.December 16, 2008
glad to get a great product for a reasonable priceI saved $400 by going this way.Same great treatments as the store just a way better price. My husband put them up and had no problems. I did not realise that the instructions were emailed. But he is handy and had no problem. Just make sure if you do it yourself you know the instructions are emailed ( found them later)January 11, 2009
FabulousI liked my blinds VERY much. They were easy to install. They came packaged with care and no need for complaints. They provide privacy and light. My room has an updated modern look. Love them!!The internet reviews and pictures provided an accurate review.May 13, 2013
The right choiceI looked at this type of blind over and over but was concerned about quality. These blinds were not difficult for my (handy) husband to put up in an afternoon. They work well, and are lovely. We have had them up approximately 1 month.January 1, 2013
picking the right colorThe designer was very helpful in verifying our pick for blind color went with our new wall color. In addition, she assured us of the quality to expect. It was that and more - generally easy to install and operates flawlessley.October 5, 2012
Great ShadesWe love these shades, they are very rich looking and fit the windows perfectly. I am very pleased with the purchase and in fact I like them so much I'm going to buy more for other rooms in the house.March 31, 2009
Could not be happier with these blindsThey were super easy to put up and they look AMAZING! Yacht Quality! LOVE LOVE LOVE them!September 12, 2012
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