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Are you missing out on valuable sleep because your shade does not block out enough light? Then our Ultimate Blackout Shade will have you sleeping like a baby. Research shows that sleeping in a dark, q ... (read more or see colors)
4.3  out of 5

Ultimate Blackout Cellular Shade
4.3  out of 5

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Sitewide Savings! On all products, either Buy 3 Get the 4th free with code: MEMORIAL-BUY3, or Save 10% with code: BC10-MEMORIAL.
Are you missing out on valuable sleep because your shade does not block out enough light? Then our Ultimate Blackout Shade will have you sleeping like a baby. Research shows that sleeping in a dark, quiet room can help manage your sleep, your mood and your energy, and help you wake up feeling refreshed and alert. Our Ultimate Blackout Shade combines energy efficiency and insulating shades with a light blocking white vinyl sidetrack, eliminating the light gaps between the shade and window frame for a long, deep and restful sleep. Select from a palette of colors fabrics in a double cell construction.

Install Time
15-20 minutes

We Recommend
  • For ease of use upgrade your shade to cordless, or for the large heavy shades upgrade to continuous cord loop.
  • Top-Down/Bottom-Up is also a great upgrade that allows you to open your shade from the top or bottom for versatility. Top-Down/Bottom-Up is also available in continuous cord loop for larger shades.

  • Considerations
  • If your window is more than 3/4" off square, this product may not achieve the full light blocking effect or operate properly.

  • This product complies with CPSC child safety guidelines. If you have children in your home on a regular basis, CPSC recommends the use of cordless window coverings.

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    Product Specifications Need Help? Ultimate Blackout Cellular Shade
    Standard Blind Specifications
    • Minimum Width: 25"
    • Maximum Width as a Single Shade: 96"
    • Minimum Height: 8"
    • Maximum Height: 120"
    • Cord Color: Always white for this product-regardless of shade color
    • Max width Bottom-Up/Top-Down: 72"
    • Headrail Color: Color-Coordinated (not an EXACT match)
    • Made in: USA
    Mounting Requirements

    Product Options Need Help? Ultimate Blackout Cellular Shade

    Standard Options:
    Ultimate Blackout Cellular Shade4.352931
    Room Darkening, Not Blackout!Because of the problems that I had during the installation of these blinds, as well as the fact that they are not "Blackout", but more of a "room darkening" blind I was not going to review this product. I was going to take my lumps and let it go at that, but, you folks asked me to review the blind and so, here goes. First of all the installation instructions did not match the blinds that I was sent. It appears that this seems to be a very common problem with this blind based on the negative comments on your website about the lousy instructions for this blind. The instructions show a bracket that is not in any way like the one that came with my blind. Therefore, you have to ignore the instructions and figure out on your own how to install the brackets. You also have to bend one of the retention clips on the bracket in order for it to attach to the blind. This has also been mentioned in reviews on your website in regards to this blind. The instructions that I received also state that you should not get any fabric pinched between the blind and the bracket. Well, that is impossible to do since the bracket has to attach over the light filtering fabric placed on the top of the blind. So what do you do? Do you remove some of the fabric and allow more light to shine through? Or do you ignore the instructions and force the bracket on over the fabric. I ignored the instructions. One other dubious instruction is to completely mount the blind and then install the track without peeling the release liner away from the track so that you can mark where the track will fit in the window. You are then to remove the blind and peel the release liner and install the track. After struggling to install the blind there was no way that I was going to remove it again. I found a youtube video made by Slumbershade and the guy demonstrating how to install this blind showed how you simply peel a few inches of the paper from the sticky tape, place the track into the slots and then simply peel the tape away as you press the track into place. That made more sense and that is what I did. Another huge problem with the track is it's placement in the slot of the blind. The instructions show the track being placed on the room side of the window. And, the instructions show the track being installed with the notch end of the track on the bottom. Well that is COMPLETELY WRONG!. But I did not figure that out until after permanently installing the track. I had to ruin my fresh paint job and peel the track off of the window. I contacted and you folks sent me out new track to replace the ruined track. Nice of you, but I had to re-texture and repaint the window before re-installing the track in the right location with the notch on top.And now for my comments on the so called Blackout properties of this blind. As stated they do not Blackout the light. The Blind does darken a room, but you have light that penetrates through the blind itself, at the top where the light filtering fabric is located, and worst of all light comes through where the blind slides along the tracks. I also have light that comes through the top of my blind because I made the mistake of ordering, top down, bottom up. That just presents one more place for light to shine through. The photo that is shown on your website as well as on all other websites that carry this blind is not accurate. The photo shows a room with several of the Slumbershades installed along with a lamp turned on making it appear that it is daylight outside and that the room is so dark that you need a lamp for light. There is also no light penetration shown in the photo. NOT TRUE! Even if that blind is completely closed and it is daylight outside, you know that it is daylight outside, because you can see light shinning through. I even purchased a vertical blind from you folks and placed it in front of the Slumbershade and you can still see daylight. I then placed a limo tint on both windows and guess what, you can still tell that it is daylight outside. That photo is not accurate. Like I said, room darkening, NOT BLACKOUT! As I stated in the beginning I was perfectly content just allowing this to be a learning experience, but, you asked!March 29, 2013
    If you need darkness, you found it.Slumbershade Double Cell Blackout lives up to its name: BLACKOUT!We first bought a "blackout" shade from Home Depot, but it turned out that the shade just had black-colored slats that did not close completely; it was far worse than the white shades we were replacing!Slumbershade, on the other hand, is nearly a comlete blackout. Some tiny cracks of light sneak in here and there, but you wouldn't notice them if it didn't do such a great job of blocking nearly all of the light. There are even some extra pieces for covering places that might let in any light.The ordering process was painless; delivery was prompt; installation was fairly simple; and now the baby sleeps longer.Cons? Installing the shade on the brackets was tricky, annoying and the result is a not too secure attachment. They could have made the fastener a little bigger so that it would be easier to attach OR completely redesign it to attach/detach quickly and easily!Another thing that would be helpful would be a video of someone installing the shade, so you could avoid the mistakes resulting from poorly written and incomplete instructions.All in all, I would buy the same shade again if I needed a light-free room.February 23, 2013
    Impossible unless your windows are squareThese blinds block light very well, but they are a beast to install.First, the clips holding the blinds in place are an EXTREMELY tight fit, because of the extra 'whiskers' strip at the top of the blind. Generally I have to jam in a screwdriver and bend some tabs to get the thing seated.Second, the construction of the side rails means that the blinds are VERY sensitive to the width of the window. Not only do you have to get the measurements 100% accurate, but if your windows are the least bit out of square, the blinds will jump the tracks when you let them down, or bind. This is extremely annoying and you should consider shimming your sashes to be square and then ordering the blinds.Third, and this is more of a minor issue, the blinds aren't quite long enough when ordered in the height you specify. Well, they are, but the weight of the blinds isn't enough to stretch the blinds out, so you end up having to drag the blinds down and weight them down for the first few months until the material relaxes and they start going down by themselves. I generally order them an inch or two long, and then cut the side tracks down to fit.March 8, 2013
    Very Good but room for some improvementThese blinds come the closest of all we have seen to true blackout window coverings.Some very minor items for potential design improvement:1) It took two attempts by to get the tracks cut properly: the 1st time, the deep notch at the top was much too long such that the "top-down" motion of the blind caused the dropping upper rail to hangup on the lip of the notch; the 2nd set of tracks (this time with short notches sized to only the top mounting rail thickness) worked perfectly.2) Some light stiill leaks around the sides of the blind past the track - this is because of reflections on the white inner side of the track's streetside flange, and silvered interior of the blind which permits light leakage. Addition flat black costings would essentially eliminate this.3) The bottom rail will not totally seal against the window seal and permits some light leakage. Suggest a thicker brush seal and perhaps some "ballast" inside bottom rails, especially on narrow windows.4) The installation instructions could use some better pictures to make clear which way the tracks are to be oriented.5)Ability to purchase additional parts would be a nice (but not required) feature.All this considered, this is still a very good product.February 11, 2013
    Great for Night NursesMy wife and I are both RNs and have worked many night shifts during our careers. Having a really dark place to sleep is more than just a wonderful luxury, it's a necessity. For decades, we have covered our windows with aluminum foil; effective, but unattractive and inflexible in that natural light can only be admitted in by opening the window. These blinds work as well, if not better than foil to exclude the light. Further, we can now enjoy the natural light and view of the woods outside our window every day. The quality is excellent, and the fit perfect.March 7, 2015
    best option for overall needI did a lot of research for getting a room darkening shade before buying this one. My sister recently purchased two for her home and loved them, but expressed disappointment with the tiny spaces on the sides of the blinds that let light in. (Light always finds a way, it is like water!) I liked the look of hers and was about to purchase an identical one like hers until a phone rep at showed me where to go online to find the comfortex one. I wish they would have listed these with the other room darkening shades, as I would have wasted a lot less time and made a better decision I didn't even know about these. They should be in the same category. I loved the idea that I had a solution to the light-leak from the sides with the comfortex. The downfall is that I have to pull hard, very hard, and then lock the shade in when bringing the top all the way up. (I have top down-bottom up feature). My sisters blinds had extra material at the top bar that hung down about an inch so that when the rail was brought up to the top, light would not be able to leak through. Comfortex lacks this important feature and so I have to really pull tight to get the rail to meet the top. I get nervous at having to pull so hard on the string to close the blind close enough to keep light out; as I don't see this string/cord lasting very long.Overall, I have greater light control than my sister and my baby sleeps very well in her room with a bright southern sun shining on her window. BTW- I did not go with the cordless feature, as I read too many negative reviews about it. I would love to hear that they have improved the mechanism to work properly all the time. Maybe have a lock in feature or something. SO there is room for improvement, but it is the best out there as far I can see.Oh! and get samples! I was surprised at the varied colors of white!June 26, 2011
    Excellent at blocking lightI was very worried if any of the blinds on the site would really hold back the light from a big streetlight outside. Figuring I many have to add a second layer of blackout curtains or some other additional blocking material, I was very happy to see these blinds were excellent at holding out the light. The material itself is practically 100% even in the daylght, so at night there is no glow from the blind material at all. The edge channels do a very good job of holding out small streams of light. In our case we did not need to do anything else. For defense against the dreaded streetlight, this was complete blockage. During the day I can see small streams of light where the channel does not quite seal against the inside of the window - this is causes by the stippling finish. It would not take much foam stripping to finish these gaps off.Also, as others have noted, it is tricky to get the blinds to connect well onto the mounting bracket. It does take some determination. After a few tries, I took the mounting bracket off the window and tried it on the blinds sitting in my lap. I could that it worked, but I realized I was just not getting the right amount of pressure at the correct angle when trying to mount the blinds. Once I got them on, they are were solid.August 13, 2014
    Overall, Thumbs UpI ordered these and received them a few weeks later as expected. A pricey selection, I found the overall quality of the product to be great, although the cords for raising/lowering and the pulley was low quality.The installation is tedious, but not beyond a handy do-it-yourselfer, although the included instructions were dismal for this product. The tracks are tedious - and be sure to measure PERFECTLY - ours was a perfect fit but a hair off and this product isn't going to work for you.If they improved the overall quality of the installation instructions and the cord for raising/lowering, I'd score this a perfect 10. It definitely keeps the light out for a day sleeper. Don't steer away from it - just be ready for a little install project.February 7, 2013
    will not blockout day;ightthis blind will not provide you with daylight blocking, i had 30% of daylight come thru and this blind loooks great but is inferior for blackout. please use something else if you need blackoutNovember 11, 2013
    Surprised by the quality given the price...A few major surprises when I got the shades. The rails were flimsy and not impressively engineered. The overall quality of the shades themselves is plasticy and the cells themselves are paperlike. The pull cord is very thin and difficult to pull. The internal mechanisms seem likely to break over time. Some of the fuzzy seals on the unit are glued on. On one of my shades it appears they were inaccurately glued (inches off) at the factory and its apparent that over time others will have to be re-glued.I have them up and they look nice and are working overall, but really unimpressed. For the price I paid I thought I was getting something a lot nicer.October 6, 2014
    Made to orderI needed blinds for a very specific purpose and size and I got exactly what I ordered.January 30, 2015
    Superb Product!!I purchased this specific type of blind because we use them in the conference room at work and need complete darkness for presentations. After they were installed I decided to buy them for my parents room at home due to my mothers light sensitivity. This is an excellent product that I would recommend to anyone that is trying to "black out" a room. When the blinds are closed you can not see your hand in front of your face and this is at the height of the morning or afternoon.July 7, 2014
    Excellent experienceGreat company and product. I mismeasured my blinds and was beside myself at my mistake. I called them to ask if anything could be done with the blinds and they said that they'd send new ones out to me. I received the replacements and they fit perfectly. Great service!February 17, 2013
    They are serious about blackoutThe side tracks were a little tricky to install, but the finished product is incredible because it eliminates the light creeping around the sides as with most blinds.October 27, 2012
    EnjoyableI love the look of the blinds.December 30, 2014
    I love these blinds. I ordered 4 of them. They are so dark they are incredible. Maybe a speck of light at the two top corners is all I can see. If a light is on in a bedroom, you cannot tell it from the street at night. I was without window coverings in my bedroom for about a month, then after these were put in I just was really unsettled for a couple of nights because I was getting used to the bright lights of the street shining in. But I really wanted a nice blockout shade and this really fits the bill for me. I had liked them in a friend's house, and then when I ordered mine just like his he knew exactly how to put them up. It took us about 2.5 hours to install 4 blockout shades, and 3 faux wood blinds, a total of 7 shades.November 8, 2010
    Great Blackout shadesThe blinds are great...exactly as descibed. the only problem I had is that the blinds are a little stiff and have to be pulled down my hand to close completely (not a huge deal). If you order them longer than your window height to try to avoid this problem, then the side rails are too long. However, they are plastic and can be trimmed to fit. Overall very satsified with my purchase. Super easy to install.April 18, 2013
    3/8" dbl cell blackout w/ trackswe are pleased with the product. install was easy accept a little trouble with snapping the head rail over the brackets, had to fiddle and bend tabs slightly (middle bracket on a long rail). blind was sized correctly and fits over the side tracks nicely. Contrary to directions I did not take head rail off to set the side tracks. I just slid them up and pressed into position.March 12, 2010
    Excellent ChoiceI was able to install in my child's room fairly quickly and the results were terrific. I'd say about 99% blackout - but that 1% tradeoff is about .25 of an inch on the bottom of the shade that is a protective layer so that it gracefully touches the bottom of the window frame. Side rails are a really nice feature that ensures the blind doesn't sway in the wind.October 3, 2011
    My BlindsFirst, customer service was outstanding and I wish I could thank the person for his help.The product was everything I expected,and performed as it was advertised. Easy to install and it all worked with all the features I asked for. I highly recommend this product to everyone.Thanks to all of your staff!!!!RichMay 6, 2014
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