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Thomas Hicks Window Film

Brand: Blinds.com
Self Adhesive Window Film Thomas Hicks Window Film, is a visually exciting new concept in home decorating. It creates the look and feel of stained and textured glass. These translucent films have ... (read more or see colors)
4.9  out of 5

Thomas Hicks Window Film Blinds.com
4.9  out of 5

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Self Adhesive Window Film
Thomas Hicks Window Film, is a visually exciting new concept in home decorating. It creates the look and feel of stained and textured glass. These translucent films have an image that is visible from both sides of the window, providing privacy and style, while allowing natural light to enter the room. The films are recommended for use in any room requiring continued privacy as well as specialty windows like arches, sidelights and transoms. Our films apply easily to any smooth glass surface without the use of adhesives and are easily removed if needed. They can be trimmed or combined to fit any sized window.

This product is not completely private and samples are highly encouraged.

Prices will depend on the pattern and size chosen in the ordering process.

This product complies with CPSC child safety guidelines. If you have children in your home on a regular basis, CPSC recommends the use of cordless window coverings.

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Blinds.com Thomas Hicks Window Film
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Blinds.com Thomas Hicks Window Film

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Thomas Hicks Window Film4.951314
Perfect PrivacyWe bought decorative window film after debating for a long time who we were going to cover two bathroom windows which faced a lake and we didn't want to put curtains up. Upon getting the film ti took us less than 30 minutes to do all four panes. It was very easy to cut to size as the width was about 1/2" difference from the window size so only had to cut make major cuts across the length. Since we had unusual size windows the film came in 72" lengths so was enough to cover 4 separate panes or two complete windows. Once up we did discover air bubbles in one window when light hit it a certain way but using the tool and working in the light that showed where bubbles were we managed to get them all out. Very easy to install and worked perfectly for what we were trying to accomplish. Lets plenty of light in, but no one now can see now if sitting outside on the deck. Very pleased with the results.February 20, 2014
Etched glass for French doors/windowsWe used the Etched Glass Film for our medical office hallway french doors and windows. It provided enough transparency to filter in alittle light, yet too shadowy to make out detail and provide for patient privacy. Easy to cut to size for each individual pane, and easy to apply.June 11, 2012
The film worked well for a French door. It provided privacy while letting in light. For a door that had small panes we used the lines texture. For another French door with large window pane we used the etched leaves; really liked the appearance. Did have issue with getting one piece damp, which makes a usually easy job more difficult. The film worked well because we didn't have to worry about hardware banging against a door that is used frequently.November 7, 2014
Decorative Window FilmExcellent product! Excellent price! Inexpensive fix to odd shaped window covering needs. The film peels off easily from its backing. Instructions are clear and easy to follow. Use a sharp razor blade when trimming edges and don't be shy with the water/soap solution. I highly recommend this product!!February 18, 2012
decorative window filmbeautiful, especially when the sun shine through it. so much nicer than any shade or drape could be!December 30, 2012
Beautiful PrivacyMy second story bath room window made me feel I was "on stage" whenever I took a bath. I ordered the decorative window film. It was a little small for the double-hung window, but centering equal rectangles inside each pane worked out fine. Now I get sunlight through the window without feeling exposed. Ah, beautiful privacy.April 28, 2013
Great privacy and lovely lightI'd never considered using window film before, until moving into a very old home with some odd shaped windows that needed a bit more privacy.I love the look of the film - I ordered the Clematis design and from even just a little distance, it really looks like stained glass! The coloring is just lovely with the light shining through it and it looks good from the street too.Very pleased with this product - I've recommended to number of people who have asked if I have replaced our windows. You'll love it.April 16, 2012
Exactly What We WantedWe used this product on our bathroom windows. Knowing nothing about this type of product, we were initially looking for something that would block the indoor view from the outdoor viewers, without losing the natural lighting in our bathroom. This product accomplished both and looks beautiful from the inside and on the outside. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for an economical window covering that blocks outside viewing while still allowing the natural daylight to shine through. I am definitely pleased with the results.October 1, 2014
Excellent window filmHigh quality material, excellent installation instructions, easy to install, just be careful with your measurements. Looks terrific.October 14, 2014
Install is rough and air bubbles remainOk, so I wasted almost an entire role figuring out a good method for cutting them to size. I have 8 sidelights on either side of my front door. Here's what I did- I cut one perfect one as a template (that took a while to do), and after peeling off and using the film, I used that as my template. Then I just matched up each piece on my template, traced around it, cut with scissors and used their squeegee to lay on the glass. It may be my glass but the air bubbles are impossible to totally get out so while I love the look from the inside, I'm not totally thrilled with the look from the outside, where the air bubbles are still visible after what feels like hours of squeegeeing them out. The squeegee rips and is useless quickly. Maybe investing in something stronger will help get the bubbles out.May 10, 2014
My windows are 37" wide by 78" long. I put them up by myself. I learned that more water mixture on the window was the key! They look great!!August 18, 2014
Product Works With Ease, Looks GreatAs Promised. all the Above Ratings Are True.May 14, 2014
Opening the package was very difficult but installing the window film was easy....April 20, 2014
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