Company Growth

In 2002, the company landed on Internet Retailer's Top 500 Companies at #177, which felt like a huge accomplishment for a company so young. One of our earliest employees knows what it was like to be here at that time and the huge growth he's seen since joining in 2002.

"In the summer of 2001, I was working at the Expo Design Center. I received a call one day from a gentleman named Jay Steinfeld who mentioned he saw me selling blinds and shutters on a prior visit and thought I would be a good fit for his new internet blind company, While flattered, I initially declined. A year later, I received the same call again from Jay. He explained to me how well his company was doing and of their tremendous growth. With the thought of someone being so interested in my services, along with the opportunity to join a new competitive industry, I could no longer say "no" to the possibilities. So there it was, July 5th 2002, and my new career at NoBrainerBlinds began.

Many wonderful years passed working in the sales department. I witnessed for myself the tremendous growth I had been told about upon hiring, including several acquisitions and the formation of itself.

It was not too soon thereafter I was offered another position. I took on the roll of answering priority emails from our customers. At first I was full of trepidation on such a radical change in responsibility, but it did not take me long too see the great importance of such a task. It was those next couple of years working closely with Jay, that I learned his philosophy on business and customer service. Never have I grown so much at my profession than during this time. I would not be where I am today without his patient mentorship.

I am so thankful to Jay for seeing something in me from the start and for sharing his wisdom, trust, and friendship. It has been an honor to work here and see the growth at I hope to exceed expectations every day and make Jay proud of the phone call he made years ago."

- Gil R. , "OP Support"