First Company Summer Event

"I remember it was a hot and steamy summer day. It had rained so much the day before the picnic; parts of the park were flooded. Despite this, the turnout was great and each of us had an awesome time. I can remember Jay bringing water guns and how much fun he and the kids were having with them.

It's moments like this that make you feel good about the company and employer you work for. You feel as if you are a part of one big happy family. It's company outings like this that allows us, the employees, to enjoy our workplace by playing and interacting together while still having time for our families. Furthermore, it's a confirmation that our jobs are not just about the "bottom line" all the time. When you see your CEO letting loose and having fun, you know you're working for the right company! I just want to say "Thanks Jay" for consistently making me and everyone here at feel special and at home."

- Trish B. , Samples Distribution Manager