Loving Your Coworkers

What better working environment can there be than one where you work every day with your closest friends. Simone, a member of Blinds.com's accounting team, describes the unique bond that she has with her coworkers.

"I'm proud to be a part of this company... a company that embraces my individuality and my free spirited personality. I call the accounting department of GCC home. So you hear Accounting and you think of a group of quiet, pencil pushing, 10 key stroking individuals. Not here!!! I finally found an Accounting Dept that I belong to...we are meant to be. I don't use pencils...I use colored pens of all fashionable ink assortments. We don't use a 10 key calculator...Excel all the way Baby! Finally, QUIET?? HMMM, not at all! One day Accounting was under an extreme deadline so we buckled down and all was quiet in the room. Not one, not two, but many employees were very concerned that there was something wrong. One person even asked, jokingly of course, "who died?"

I love my co-workers and I'm not just saying that because this will be published (hopefully.) I really do enjoy the company of my co-workers. This summer my husband, my 2 boys and I vacationed in Destin and at the last minute, two of my friends (co-workers) joined us. It was the best time EVER. A game of UNO will never be the same for me anymore...inside joke by the way. Who does that? Who leaves the office for vacation and vacations with the people you work with? I DO!!!

GCC embraces it's diverse culture and encourages us to have a good time at work. This leads me to our Cultural Committee. I've been a proud member for 2 1/2 years now. We plan events each month, one to celebrate and give THANKS to our employees and the other, to give back to our community. I hold this group very near and dear to me. It's a lot of work and stress to plan events for 133 employees...but I love every moment of it.

I've been with GCC for 3 years now and what an incredible journey! "

- Simone M. Accounting