EXTRA! EXTRA! 2009 Blinds.com in the News

In 2009, Blinds.com was listed #202 in the Top 500 Guide of Internet Retailers.

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October 07, 2009 - "Esther Steinfeld offers tips and observations for launching an online presence. Her interview with Jay Steinfeld, CEO of Blinds.com, provides additional insight into Web 3.0 and other things you should know before you dabble in eCommerce. Steinfeld emphasizes the importance of your objective in offering a valid service or concept, and the importance of staying focused on your customer while working to constantly improve your service".

- The Businessmakers Radio Show

Window Into Web 3.0: Blinds.com CEO Jay Steinfeld

November 4, 2009 - I started selling them online in 1996. I was the only employee. I did all the marketing and everything myself. I had a company in Ohio that I found online do my website. It cost me $3,000 to do the first site. That is all the money I have ever put into the business. It has grown organically since.

- SramanaMitra.com