The BEST Place to Work

In 2010, the company was honored several times with "Best Place to Work" nods. We were voted as one of the best places to work by the Houston Business Journal and we sent out a crew of faithful employees to accept this wonderful award. As always, they had fun.

We were also voted as one of the best places to work in 2010 by the Houston Chronicle. At the same award ceremony, Jay was given a leadership award. The Chronicle posted several testimonials from our employees, here are just a few:

"We're always encouraged to try new things, even if it's possible they'll fail. Plus, what I do really makes a difference and it is appreciated."

"He motivates us to try to always improve and not be afraid of change. He is always trying to experiment without fear."

"Jay is an amazing leader and is always helping us improve ourselves and the company. He also works on improving himself so we can all grow together."

Stephanie, the Online Marketing Manager, recounts when she knew that was a bit different (in a very good way) than other companies.