Fun at Work employees doing the Thriller Dance? Why, yes, of course!

" is where I have been able to reach my intellectual "flow" due to the culture of experimentation, improvement, and individual expression. Finally I have found a place, where I can be my artistic self. Even though I am in Accounting, I get to create things, experiment with new processes, fail, start all over again and go on voyages of mathematical galaxies!

Heck! I have access to IT databases where I get to play around in a Matrix like world, creating and writing programs that help my fellow accountants!! How cool is that?

You know what is even cooler? I got promoted for playing and creating things to management and now I get to have a team that joins me in my adventurous journeys!

For me, my work is more like play and I thank the culture of for it!!! "

- Omair, Accounting Manager

Blinds.commers brought their kids to work in 2010 to show them what Mom and Dad do everyday (and how much fun they have doing it).