GCC Boost

To improve the health of all employees, several Blinds.commers came together to form the GCC Boost program, which kicked off at the end of 2011 with a free, onsite health checkup available to all employees.

"Each of our department heads were supposed to come up with an idea for a project that impacted the entire company. They weren't given any direction or budget regarding these special projects.

That was how Boost came into being. Steve Riddell, our COO, knew that he wanted his project to have a positive effect on the company's health & wellness. He also knew that he wanted the entire company to be involved in some form or another with the creation of this project. He picked representatives from Sales, Operations, Customer Service, Marketing, Accounting and IT, and ultimately tasked us, the Health and Wellness committee, with the responsibility of coming up with this big idea. We knew we wanted to help our employees make better decisions, that we wanted to be able to provide the support necessary so that it was easier to make better decisions and we also knew that we needed to know how healthy we were today in order to know whether our healthy decisions actually helped us become healthier individuals in the future. Faced with this non-descript, budget-less task, the Health and Wellness Committee met once every week. After five months of careful deliberation, we had Boost, our brainchild.

Nothing has a greater impact on the quality of your life than your health does. Therefore it was clear to me that a company who follows the mantra of continuous improvement the way December follows November should definitely be continuously improving their health. The health and wellness program we came up with, the program we named Boost, was something we felt was necessary to make GCC a better place to work. Boost had something in place that addressed our concerns with educating, supporting, rewarding and monitoring the improvements in health of our employees. I feel that the foundation we have created with Boost will make our employees healthier and happier people and I really can't wait to see where this program will take us in the future."

- Caroline, SEM Manager