The First Day in The Office Is A Lot More Than Paperwork For Newbies

In order to surprise and delight new team members when they start with, we've completely revamped our on-boarding process. The week before their first day, new hires receive a ‘classified mission’ in a video message in their email inbox. In the video, they are given their objective, “report at 0800 hours”, and hear advice and welcoming words from their future co-workers.

On the first day in the office, new hires embark on a tour with our CEO across Houston to see important landmarks in the company's history, like the garage apartment where it all started. Once back in the office, they start a scavenger hunt that allows them to get familiar with the building and talk to people from each department. They find out who in the office sings in a barbershop quartet, who is an expert cave diver, and where all three of our Stephanies sit. has revolutionized our training process to give employees a more interactive experience. New call center employees train for 3 months by taking practice calls, and diving deep into product education with trips to manufacturers and other blinds retailers to see how the buying process and customer service works there. They look at many kinds of windows in person to see how hardware works and what kind of window coverings would be compatible. Although the training is intensive, in the end it equips our company with more expert decorators to serve our customers.