Bali: Custom Drapery: Grommet Top Color Blocked Drapery
Room Name:
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How Wide Do You Want Your Panel or Drapery to be?
TIP: This is the total width your drapery panel will cover, with at least 250% fullness ( sheers 300%). You can choose any width between 20" & 136".


Choose your grommet style.
All grommets will accommodate rods up to 1 3/8" in diameter.
Round Grommet     Square Grommet     Diamond Grommet    

How do you want your drape to draw?
Center Split Draw
One Way Left Stack
One Way Right Stack

Specify exact height, tip-to-tip, that you want your panel to be:

TIP: To determine the height, decide where you want to place your drapery rod. We recommend installing hardware a minimum of 8" above the window opening or molding. Then measure from the top of the drapery hardware rod to the floor. Consider adding 2" for a trouser break , or 8" for dramatic puddling .

Choose a top pattern and color for your drapery.

The top and bottom colors must be part of the same pattern collection.

Choose a bottom color.

Pattern chosen must be from the same collection as the top portion of your drapery. Bottom color will be the lower 1/3 of the drape.

Choose to have a Light Filtering or Blackout liner.
Standard Light Filtering Liner ( sheer fabrics will not have a liner)
  Choose white or off-white liner.
White Off White

Standard Light Filtering Liner with Inter lining view prices
Thermal Liner view prices
Water Repellent Light Filtering Liner view prices
Water Repellent Liner with Inter lining view prices
Blackout Liner view prices

Product Constraints: