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9/16" Classic Single Cell
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9/16" Designer Single Cell (adds 15%)
7/16" Designer Double Cell (adds 20%)
9/16" Designer Texture Single Cell Colors (adds 55%)
9/16" Linen & Translucence Single Cell Colors (adds 65%)
9/16" Single Cell Sheer Efficiency (adds 145%)

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Two on One Headrail - Adds $25
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Cordless lift is the most popular option for this product, it is also a safer choice for any environment where young children may be present.

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Standard Learn More - Play Video
  Headrail Options:
Standard Single Headrail
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Two on One Headrail - Adds $30 Learn More - Play Video

Cordless Learn More - Play Video 65% of Accordia customers choose Cordless view prices
Corded Bottom-Up/Top-Down Learn More - Play Video (adds $43)
Has a concealed floating center rail.
Cordless & Bottom-Up/Top-Down Learn More - Play Video
Has a center floating rail for top down operation. view prices
Continuous Cord Loop Learn More - Play Video view prices
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