Light Filtering: Economy Light Filtering Cellular Shades


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Choose your fabric.

Single Cell 1/2"
Lightweight, lowest price

Double Cell 3/8" (adds 30%)
Most popular

Choose your lifting option:

  Standard Lift Cord
  Lift cord:
Left Right

  Top-Down/Bottom-Up with cords (adds $26)

  Cordless view prices

  Cordless Top-Down/Bottom-Up (adds $50)

  Continuous Cord Loop (adds $23)

 Cell-O-Matic (adds $23)

  Motorized Lift (adds $76)

Your shade(s) will arrive fully programmed. If you order several shades, you can choose to operate them together on the same channel so that they rise and lower together. Or, to operate shades independently, choose different channels for each shade.

Please select the channel you want your shade to be set at.

Do you want to split your shade in 2 equal sections that operate independently?
Lift cords will be located on the outsides of each section.

      Single Headrail   Two Shades on One Headrail (adds $20)

FREE Sure Fit™ – Guaranteed to Fit!
We’ll remake it for free if it doesn’t fit.

Product Constraints:

  • Hold Down or Extension brackets are not available.
  • Rails and Cords are color coordinated, not an exact match.

  • Single Cell: Lightweight, lowest price
    Double Cell: Most popular
    Triple Cell: Best insulator