Ultimate 2 1/2 Faux Wood Blinds
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Ultimate 2 1/2 Faux Wood Blinds

2 1/2" Colors

Pure White 25
Pure White 25
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Silk White 25
Silk White 25
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Pearl 25
Pearl 25
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Alabaster 6025
Alabaster 6025
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The NEW Ultimate 2 1/2" Fauxwood Blind comes standard with non-slip the patented SmartPrivacy slats for perfect privacy and slat closure.

The SmartPrivacy slats set them apart from other fauxwood blinds because they have smaller holes, which are concealed when the blinds are closed. This keeps the blind slats from moving and provides tighter closure, enhanced privacy and better light control.

A smooth operating cord tilt system provides a lifetime of trouble free use. All blinds are come with a new Cord Release Device designed to breakaway when pulled apart for a safer option for homes with children.
All blinds come standard with a 3" designer valance and invisible clips. Two return sizes are included to accommodate all installation situations, or choose to have a straight cut valance for a flush mount. An engineered trapezoid bottom rail, along with the SmartPrivacy feature, allows this blind to close tighter than any other fauxwood blind on the market. This tight closure provides more light blockage for more energy savings and a darker room when tilted closed.

Also available as our Ultimate 2 Fauxwood Blind.


This product complies with CPSC child safety guidelines. If you have children in your home on a regular basis, CPSC recommends the use of cordless window coverings.
Customer Reviews
Ultimate 2 1/2 Faux Wood Blinds4.85205258
Amazing ResultsI had heared ads on the radio for months For Blinds.com. When it was time to purchase blinds I first went to the local Big Box, and discovered my windows were not the off the shelf size. Special order pricing was just too high. and there were no color options other than white. After doing a request for color samples and seeing the price for custom size blinds at Blinds.com. The choice to order from you was a no brainer. Exceptional quality, Faster than expected delivery, Your team is amazing. I had 9 windows all at different widths and they all fit like a glove. Besides you saved me a boat load of money. The color samples you shipped free made choosing a snap. love the blinds and the quality. The neighbors are already talking.May 6, 2013
The BESTThe Ultimate 2 1/2 Faux Wood Blinds are everything I wished they would be and MORE! They create a beautiful elegance in our kitchen and bedroom windows. The blinds are equipped with the Smart Privacy Slats feature that keeps the blind slats from moving and provides tighter closure than any other faux wood blinds on the market. The tight closure provides more energy savings, privacy and better light control. So when it's the middle of the day and my son needs to go down for a nap I can easily close the blinds and create a darkened room for his comfort.One of my favorite features of the Faux Wood Blinds are that all of them come with a new cord release device which is designed to breakaway when pulled apart. This feature makes the blinds a safer option for homes with children. I love them and I highly recommend them!July 30, 2013
Wonderful!I love these blinds! They arrived quickly, in individual boxes. My father and brother hung these in every room in my new house in about 2 hrs. I showed my father the video on Blinds.com and he was amazed at how easy it was to hang these. We also ordered the color samples before we ordered the blinds so that they would match our trim and these match perfectly! The 2 1/2 inch width looks really nice too.August 6, 2013
Beautiful blinds, excellent priceThis is probably the best service to get blinds from. I ordered six windows with custom blinds, 2.5" faux wood ones. They were easy to install and the most difficult part was getting screws through metal in my window frames which has nothing to do with the product. The price is excellent and I love the sales going on. The price is well worth any other difficulties you might have. Shipping was fast too. I got my blinds in a little over a week. The neighbors noticed the new blinds too!October 9, 2012
BlindsHello Customer Service:Overall I am happy with my blinds there was and is a problem with both blinds, namely when I raise or lower them half way up or down, they have what I describe as a belly/bow in the middle. I think that the pull strings are not adjusted properly.SincerelyBillFebruary 27, 2012
Beautiful!Just got my blinds installed and they look beautiful! I didn't do the installation, but I probably could have. They seemed to go up pretty fast. Wow, what a difference they make in my kitchen and dining area. Now, I'm ordering for my other rooms. I really love the valance that comes with the blinds.March 13, 2014
Great blinds, great price, great look!These blinds are so beautiful. We just bought a new home and were nervous about buying blinds online. Blinds.com offered free samples which helped tremendously. After the quick and easy install, we now have gorgeous blinds for a fraction of the cost.We purchased the 2 1/2" faux wood blinds in white with added privacy (no holes in the slats). We also selected the inside mount.August 13, 2013
Slats out of level, and other issuesI ordered one set for a small bathroom window. Ordering and shipping were fine. Price was very good, but now I see why this product was inexpensive.These blinds arrived with the slats visibly out of level. I finally had to attach shims (I cut some old twist-ties) to the tilt cords in order to get the low side even close to level.I can fuss with them, but not everyone is going to want to open them up and make time-consuming adjustments. This seems like an easily-detected quality control issue.One slat arrived with a dent on the edge, marring the finish. Fortunately it was on the back edge, and is generally hidden. Again, QA should have caught this.Box contained an unusually high amount of dust and debris from shaping the valence pieces. A little compressed air before boxing would have helped quite a bit.Now that they are installed, they look pretty good. Nobody will notice the dinged edge, and they are pretty close to level. Fitment is good, and the valence was easy to attach.I was planning to order the Blinds.com brand genuine wood blinds, so I hope the build quality exceeds that of the Normans. I'll be much more picky about those.Thanks for reading.January 17, 2013
Great Quality but beware w/ corner windows!I was very pleased with my purchase. We used these window treatments in white throughout the majority of the house. They really finish off all the rooms so well. The header dresses up the windows so nicely, we ended up returning the curtains we bought to add extra oomph...didn't need them!My one suggestion is to make sure your corner windows aren't touching or near touching where one wall meets the other. I completely forgot about that when I ordered and this caused a problem for the outside headers. We ended up having to cut off the corners on one side of each header and caulk the two sides together. You can't notice at all but if you ran into this problem with any color blinds other than white, you'd be in a world of hurt. The corners meeting up also caused an issue with the brackets. We had to cut one of the brackets and drill the top of the blind into the mount to prevent the blinds from falling out of the bracket. Thankfully, my dad is Mr. Fix-it and he was able to fix all these problems. But, if your windows meet at corners, take this into advisement before you order these treatments!April 2, 2013
ExcellentThis was my second order with Blinds.com. They are so easy to install. I had one missed measurement that was my fault but with "sure fit". They sent the corrected valance free of charge.July 27, 2014
Love these blinds!I have ordered twice from Blinds.com and have been very happy both times. The blinds arrive quickly. The first order had a little damage, just from shipping, and I suggested to them that they work on the packaging. They were willing to replace my order but I didn't want to go through the hassle and it had nothing to do with the appearance. This last order had better packaging so I feel like I was listened to!!!Thank you Blinds.com, you are who I will always use for window coverings!!!p.s. your price is awesome tooJuly 22, 2014
Excellent Service!I had shopped at four different sites for blinds, since I have two windows with odd sizes. None of the sites offered the 84" x 74" size I needed, except Blinds.com. Their prices were also very comparable to the big-box stores.I must admit that I was skeptical as I ordered 9 different sizes on a Sunday afternoon, and the site said 9 days for delivery. I figured the lead time would be correct, but since they claim free replacements if I measure wrong, something will probably not arrive correctly.The following Thursday, 4 days after ordering, all 9 boxes were delivered. We installed them that weekend, and all 9 were perfectly sized! I was amazed!The valances included are perfect for covering the hardware underneath, and I will not need fabric valances for these blinds. They look clean and modern, and are very sturdy. Even the 84" x 74" is heavy to raise, but doesn't sag when doing so.I am very happy with Blinds.com. I have 3 more windows to cover, and, of course, will be ordering through Blinds.com for those too. I have already recommended Blinds.com to several people. Great Job!March 21, 2012
BeautifulI wish that I had purchased months ago. I am beyond happy with the purchase. The blinds arrived on time and in perfect condition. The color is perfect.June 28, 2014
Exceptonal Privacy & ValueThese blinds measure up to the claim to give maximum privacy and room darkening. My installer was impressed with the ease of installation and the construction of these blinds (metal versus plastic pieces). For the price, they are an exceptional value. The 2 1/2 width makes a dramatic difference in the look of these and they look like plantation shutters from the outside The only problem I found with these blinds is that because of the sturdy weight of these blinds and the extra width, when the width of the bind is increased, they tend to sag. Ideally, they would best be used on single windows.June 24, 2013
Overall: Excellent Experience!I was initially confused with how to measure and what type of blinds to get for my house. However, after calling their customer service line, I was patiently and expertly helped. The operator explained exactly how to get the correct measurements and gave very good advice on the color and type of blinds that would work best for my house. Upon receiving the blinds, which were shipped promptly, I again called their customer service department for installation help. The person I talked to allowed me to put them on speaker-phone and took the time to explain how to install the blinds. I highly recommend using their services because the blinds are top quality, customer service is excellent, and it would be hard to find better prices.December 6, 2012
Our third purchase from blinds.comExcellent the product but the valance sides had to be cut which was a bit of a problem. I measured incorrectly and they came out a little short. I'm sure there is a reason. No worries.July 11, 2014
The look is amazing but the quality is even betterI had nine unusual windows in one room. I used these blinds through a combination of covering individual windows and combining windows (some individual blinds were wider than 90"). When you cover windows that are close to each other, you need a consistent appearance. I was concerned because I would be hangin these myself. These blinds are amazing! By no means am I an expert, but I hung these blinds so easily and the look is so consistent. I thought I would be writing about the appearance, which is better than I expected ( I get LOADS of compliments), but I have to write about the quality and ease of hanging these blinds. I just cant express how satisfied I am with my entire experience.The kindess, patience, and help of the salesman during purchase. the timely arrival of the blinds, the ease of mounting them,and the look combines for ther perfect experience.Thank you blinds.com!September 2, 2013
Love them!These are great blinds. They are economical and stylish.July 7, 2014
Amazing PurchaseWhen I say the blinds were the easiest project I have ever completed in the house without any assistance from my hubby I truly mean it. He was at work and I put up all 14 blinds. The reviews and the video were right on point... It said 7mins per blind... It took me 10mins with the first two and 7 mins with the remaining 12. They look amazing and I love the Norman brand. They arrived in 4 days after placing order... Just amazing and I did the measuring myself and with the amazing return policy I did not fear placing such a large order. I look at my blinds everyday and I can't believe I put them up. Like I said an amazing purchase and product.April 20, 2013
Great ProductExcellent pricing. I checked all of the locations and this had the best pricing.Product quality is very good. Easy to install. Really looks fantastic.You won't go wrong ordering these blinds or any other blinds from this company.Measuring instructions to determine the sizes I needed worked fine. I was surprised at how much some of the windows were off from each other but the blinds delivered all fit pefectly. Not to mention the delivery was quick.Absolutely no complaints.October 29, 2012
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