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CUSTOM PRODUCT (Office use only)4.656888
Graber cellular shadesI'm very happy with the 11 shades I ordered and the patience/advice of the sales rep. They were installed quickly and easily by me. Two shades had faulty headrail bottoms but a hassle free call produced total replacements in a week. The cordless top/bottom down shades are very flexible and the verticals for deck slider and guest bedrooms work perfectly for those situations. Great service and great value compared to local stores.October 8, 2008
Best Motorized Solar ShadesI LOVE the motorized solar shades! I just installed new french doors and a new window in my master bedroom, and decided to go all out and add motorized shades. That wall gets HOT afternoon sun and I previously had vertical blinds I had to keep closed all the time to block the heat and for privacy. It was also a pain pulling the verticals to the side to go out the doors. I ordered the 1% solar shades and they block the heat, and light so its dark enough to take a long nap, yet you can still see though enough that you don't feel shut in, and keep an eye on the pool area. I have a handheld Somfy remote for the bed-stand, and the wall control built in next to the door. A touch of a button and I can raise or lower one or both shades to get the evening view. It looks so cool and modern. Love it! Also, at night a person trying to see in can barely tell there are silhouettes moving in the room, unless you have your bedroom lights on bright. A word on FITTING: I would advise ordering the OUTSIDE mount, as they will be shipped the EXACT size you specify. They trim the INSIDE mount orders to smaller than your measurements, and I prefer a perfect fit with no gap.September 15, 2013
Custom octogon blindMy blind looks nice, but has gaps around the outside of it, between the blind and the window frame. It is an inside mount. I know all of the onus is on my templet that I made and sent, but since this is such a standard window, I would think that you would have pre-made templets you could use to ensure a better fit. I had to make the templet from measurements, as I was not at the house the window is in. It works, but could be much better.February 10, 2015
Bali Vertical BlindsAfter lots and lots of looking, I finally found the vertical fabric blinds I wanted in a local Pamida store, unfortunately, when I tried to order them, they had raised the price to a number that was way more than I wanted to pay, yet told me that I was getting a "75% discount"........I also inquired at JC Penny and Lowe's.............since the blinds were a discontinued fabric, none of them would order them for me, eventhough they sell Bali blinds, infact they tried to discourage me from ordering a discontinued fabric and especially from an online website. Said they wanted my business, but wouldn't order them for me eventhough they were exactly what I wanted.Then I found and a wonderful lady named Linda (L.J.) Lanier came to my rescue..........she said, "no problem", she could order the blinds and even informed me there was an additional 10% discount, so not only were the blinds less expensive, even with the $70.00 oversize shipping cost but were also guaranteed.The shipping was fast and the blinds were exactly what I wanted. The video instructions on the website were quite helpful and I was able to put them up all by myself..........Linda had helped me with measurements over the internet and over the phone and they fit exactly as they are supposed to and I absolutey LOVE them. I highly recommend and although I don't need anything else at this time, if I ever do, they have my business. Thanks Linda and 14, 2008
Smart Pull option not useful for large blindsI bought a smart pull roller shade for a sliding patio door (6' wide by 7' high) which looks nice when closed or open and filters the sunlight as I would like. The problem is that the "Smart Pull" mechanism is much too flimsy to operate such a large shade. It takes a great deal of force to operate the pull (maybe 25 pounds). The string is a thin nylon string which looks like it will break with just a few operations of the mechanism. Pulling on the string with enough force to raise the shade causes the entire mechanism to bend as if it will come off the wall, which it very well may. Lowering the shade causes it to slam to the floor with a loud bang. The tension adjustment did not work properly and the nylon screw disintegrated after a few attempts to tighten the spring. I think the "Smart Pull" mechanism should only be used for small window shades, never large shades of any type.January 20, 2014
verticle blinds- DarkeningI ordered room darkening verticle blinds and they arrived on time. However, I was SURPRISED to find out that "room darkening" meant a white PVC backing. The white PVC backing I did not like! When I called customer service, "LQ", said, that all room darkening comes with a white pvc backing. I did not know this. The website didn't state it, and the picture view of the verticle blinds didn't show it either. I would not have ordered room darkening blinds if I had known about the white pvc backing. I would strongly recommend to place "room darkening means white pvc backing" on the website and showing what that would look like on pictures so that future customers will not be surprised as I was when I received the did credit my account and we were able to donate the blinds. Thank you and we will consider making future purchases using 3, 2013
beautifulI ordered a plantation shade with a certain idea in mind. I am going to install my 36 x 18 shade with tilt bar in a wall. This idea will bring more light into my kitchen and more air flow. The wall is between my bedroom and kitchen. I know it will be an amazing decorating addition to my home. I wanted to use an authentic antique shade but I could not find one. The shade is perfect. I can paint it any color I want to, it doesn't weigh as much as an authentic shutter from an old house, and the tilt bar works smoothly, where an antique may be coated with alot of paint and not even move. on line chat helped me thru the initial planning (since it wasn't actually being used as a window cover). Thank you Blinds.comNovember 8, 2009
Great company !!I have done some research on pricing and found that is most reasonable. Even compare to Home Depo. On top of good pricing, their customer service is excellent. They are very responsive every time I needed anything. I was hesitant to work with an online store at the beginning, especially when it comes to special order items, but made it very comfortable and easy for me. I have received the blinds about a month ago, but still need some service from them, so far they have been great, hopefully they can resolve everything to the end. Will update once done. So far, I'm very satisfied with their service and highly recommend this company to everyone. It will be a worry-free relationship!!February 11, 2013
Shakey experienceI ordered blinds for my Breakfast Nook and they turned out great! The fit was perfect and installation was a brezze. This prompted me to order a blind for a semi-circular window in my office. This has been as bad an experience as the other was good. First, it took about a month to get the blinds. The factory said I didn't send a template. After telling your Customer Service Agent that I did provide a template, thefactory found it. I received the blind yesterday. The rail is 1/2 inch too long. I checked my order, checked my template and checked the window width. All measure 64 inches. The rail is 641/2 inches. The rail is being replaced, but I am less than confident that this is going to work.August 3, 2011
GREAT SHADESPurchased custom fit shades for our living room. Excellent experience on the phone ordering, received very fast. Fit PERFECT. We have purchased 13 shades for our current home - they all fit perfectly and we received them very quick.November 27, 2014
Customer Service is UnbeatableI purchased 11 Hunter Douglas wood blinds from over that last year. The blinds are nice but what has really sold me on is their customer service. I made a couple of mistakes after ordering but was able to rectify the problem immediately. When one of the blinds arrived, it was damaged. I had a new one delivered within days. Everyone I have spoken with at have been professional and helpful. I never thought I would buy blinds online and receive great service but has exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend this company to others, in fact my neighbors just bought blinds from 17, 2009
have never received productI ordered my blinds from you in Jan of this year I still have not received my product. The first person who took my order failed to finish writing up the order and never sent anything. When I phoned to find out where my order was ( since you had no problem taking my money) They informed me the order wasn't finished and the info he had put in the computer about my blinds was incorrect. Another person took my order and messed it up 3 times. And I still have not received anything. I have never ordered a product and had such a hassle. Your customer service people have no idea what they are doing and they obviously do not double check their work.April 17, 2013
Great matchWe bought the 3/8" double cell blinds in Jan 2011. For Christmas, my parents wanted to finish off the dining room by buying matching blinds for the rest of the windows. However, by the time I called, the fabric/color choice we had for the big windows (cloth) was discontinued. The customer service lady I spoke with recommended Hazelnut as the closest match, but I went ahead and asked for samples to be sure. As far as I could tell, she was right. So we ordered the same blinds in Hazelnut. We couldn't be happier! It's a great match, really only noticeable on the headrails, not the blinds themselves. Now our dining area looks complete!February 24, 2012
Blinds from Blinds.comI had a great experience with blinds purchase from Blinds.comThey are much better than other products available through Home Depot or Lowes. Specifically, the angled bottow of the blind helps it cover the opening completely as compare to others where it does not get closed completely. Prices are compatitive, fitment was guaranteed and delivery was free. I have both products, Home Depot and but later apprears to be made of much better material. Even the top moulding enhanced the beauty of the blinds.I would highly recommend to anyone who is looking for great a great product at reasonable price and delivery.July 21, 2011
Just what I neededWe are having people build next to our house where it was an empty lot and decided to order a3/4 Crystalpleat Light Filtering Shade Cordless ; Bottom-Up/Top-Down. I still have light in the room because I choice a light color,Alabaster Frost 0804 and I lower the top half of the shade. It is a wide window so after reading several articles it is best to use a wide pleat. I wish I had known that for I have other wide windows that I previously ordered blinds for and I do see it looks better. I think that it would be a good suggestion for the customer reps to give. This shade works perfectly for my needs!September 2, 2013
Love the shadesI researched on line and in various stores in the New Jersey area for some quality outdoor shades to block the sun on my front porch, plus give me privacy. Matchstick blinds allow too much light in, and are not the same quality. The shades I ordered are great for blocking out barking dogs, lively get togethers, and will give the appearance of having an intimate dining room on a front porch. Plus, although I ordered the 94" wide shades, they weigh only 15 lbs, easy for rolling up and down. Also keeps my porch cushions dry during storms. My neighbors may be looking into ordering them.June 3, 2010
Ordering was easy, fabric is as shown, perfect fit, thanks.November 21, 2014
Awesome!Blinds awesome, highly recommend! Valance goes with our trim perfectly...not the flat slats you get at Lowe's/Home Depot. 2 1/2" slats look much better than 2". More space between slats for better view. We bought two sets of blinds. Our windows were recessed - one was 2 1/2" and the other 1 1/2" recessed. We ordered blinds made for outside installation, however used the inside measurements. The valance returns for the 2 1/2" depth fit perfectly, and I simply cut some off the valance returns for the 1 1/2" recessed window and it looks great.May 28, 2013
Customs Orders Have Never Been So EasyWanted a large blackout honeycomb shade for my media room to eliminate the glare on the screen. The 1-800 number service representative walked me through placing a custom order to my oversized specifications and the resulting blinds are perfect!! No light gets through and it fits perfectly. made it extra easy to get the exact product that I needed even though it wasn't a standard product. AND the price was no more expensive than the options listed on the site. Perfect all around. I will definitely shop with again!September 26, 2011
Excellent PurchaseI ordered 3 (6ft) blinds online and have never been more pleased with the product, quality, appearance and prompt service these folks have supplied. The initial order I gave the incorrect measurements, however, just one quick phone call to Customer Service fixed my mistake. The blinds are installed on our back deck and they are just perfect. They have created another "room" to our home. Love them. Would positively reccommend the Company and product. Easy install, prompt delivery and quality product. What more can one ask for?April 20, 2012
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