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Economy Fauxwood Shutter

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Our Economy fauxwood shutters are made of hollow PVC which provides high energy efficiency to lower energy cost, low maintenance, easy to clean and is an eco-friendly (polyresin material that is 100% recyclable, reusable and formaldehyde free) solution to shutters. These elegant low cost plantation shutters are guaranteed not to fade, peel, swell, warp or crack and are Fire Retardant.

Every shutter is available with a unique rear tilter system that gives windows wide open and unobstructed views. You can choose between a 3" or a 4" louver size.

Features include:

  • Orders with over 12 shutters will take 10 production days.
  • Proprietary WoodTex® finish that gives the soft look and feel of painted wood.
  • Easy to clean
  • Available as a standard Panel Shutter or a Track Shutter for larger patio door windows.
  • Choice of 2 colors, White or Swiss Coffee.
  • Front or Rear Tilt.
  • Hinges painted to match, or upgrade to Brass or Stainless Steel.

    Our Economy fauxwood shutters are made of hollow PVC which provides high energy efficiency to lower energy cost, low maintenance, easy to clean and is an eco-friendly (polyresin material that is 100% recyclable, reusable and formaldehyde free) solution to shutters. These elegant low cost plantation shutters are guaranteed not to fade, peel, swell, warp or crack and are Fire Retardant.

    Every shutter is available with a unique rear tilter system that gives windows wide open and unobstructed views. You can choose between a 3" or a 4" louver size.

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  • Customer Reviews
    Economy Fauxwood Shutter4.455256
    Fantastic Buying Experience - Great Shutters!The shutter looked Great on the web Site, but I was amazed at how great it looked on the window. The installation was a snap and their measurments were spot on (of course I measured pretty good too!). The sales folks walked through the ordering and prevented us from making a number of mistakes. Everything about our order was perfect! Well worth doing business with them.February 8, 2011
    Love these Shutters!I was really concerned about the look of these shutters after reading some reviews on them. They do not feel like wood, but they sure look just like it. They match my moldings on doors, windows and baseboard. All of these have a smooth finish. These blinds look so nice. The room is complete now. They were easy for my husband to install also. I would definitely buy again and am very happy with our purchase!September 30, 2013
    Excellent product/quick deliveryVery good product, just as described, and delivery in 10 business days! Make sure you measure all sides to your window. Mine was not perfectly square, so I needed to make some adjustments. Definitely not's fault.October 17, 2011
    Wood BlindsThe information on your website was excellent and the people on the phone were incredibly helpful. It made the order go much smoother because of there assistance. The wood blinds look great...thanks.December 21, 2011
    Great Shutters for the priceThese shutters are great for what you are paying for them. Like some others said, "Fauxwood" is a bit misleading. They bear no resemblance to wood. They are plastic. They are not the greatest quality you could get, but the price is right.I ordered 3 sided frames, with no frame at the bottom. This was probably a mistake, since the fit was not perfect. I had to tweak about half of the 11 sets I installed due to rubbing at the bottom on my window seal. If I had known this and ordered the full 4 sided frames, this probably would not have happened. I would not recommend 3 sided frames.A few of the hinges did not line up properly resulting in some rather large gaps in the non-load-bearing hinges.When installed the shutters were not straight vertically, and right shutter bowed outward on almost all the shutters. I had to buy extra magnets (that should have been included) to correct this at the bottom.One real problem I found was the screws provided for installing the magnet plates were too long and resulted in outward dimples on the outside of the first couple of shutters I installed. This is a real quality control issue and the reason I gave them 3 stars. There's really no reason this should have happened. I ended up clipping all the screw tips to prevent this which also made installation unneccessarily cumbersome. On that same note, I was only provided magnets for the tops. I had to buy magnets for the bottom from lowes, another expense, because the right shutter on most of the windows bowed outward and was not flush.I ordered around the Thanksgiving holiday and it took almost 4 weeks to receive them. The shipping crate was broken in a couple of places, but the shutters were not damaged.January 3, 2012
    Disappointed in TEXASThis was my third and fourth purchase of shutters and I RALLY have to say the quality of these last two purchases was beyond disappointing. The Z style frame has been changed and it is NOT Good, the work CHEAP should sum it up but, NO. The change from a very will constructed Z frame, to a thin shaped hollow plastic frame filled with two wood blocking to help hold its shape is just too much. Had I known the Z frame had changes to the hollow plastic frame it is now, I would have not ordered the shutters. There is no customer satisfaction with these two orders and If I could send them back I would.October 7, 2013
    Glad we only purchased oneInexpensively crafted. We have had other brands of fauxwood shutters before in other homes. Since we have had fauxwood shutters before, and were pleased with them, thought we could save some money with these. Not worth the money. Glad we only purchased one to gauge the quality before ordering for all the windows.October 21, 2012
    Poor QualityThe quality of the product is rather second rate. Had to caulk as the glue on one shutter was come off. Overall the construction of this line is not very good. Would not recommend if you are planning on opening and closing very much.January 10, 2012
    Good product, instructions could be betterThe final, installed sliding plantation shutters look good and function well. The instructions provided are a bit sketchy, containing no illustrations identifying the parts by name; and the lone diagram provided was blurry, and difficult to read. I was able to figure out how to install the shutters, though. I do appreciate that it's easier to enclose multiple instructions, one for each of the different types of shutters, but perhaps if more space were allotted to each type of shutter than just one page, the instructions would be better.March 4, 2013
    What I'd do differentI wanted inside mounts for our plantation shutters, which by the way look great, but had I to do it over I would select outside mount. I followed the instructions to measure the window openings and checked with the "chat advisor" as to how to measure. The problem came when I went to install the shutters and the "allowance" the manufacturer gives for a neat fit. Unfortunately, the shutters were nearly 3/8 to 1/2 inch narrow which resulted in me having to install window trim around the windows to close the gap left after installation. The actually look very nice with the trim but will not allow us to remove our "tilt out windows" for cleaning purposes. I consider this, in part at least, my fault because I didn't ask enough questions prior to ordering. Also, make sure you "clearly" identify where each window will go in the room. I did identify the room but did not number the windows placement which caused me some re-measuring.June 2, 2014
    The Best Shutters Ever!I have been dogging every avenue for plantation shutters for 5 years, never buying because they were so expensive. For a crazy moment I even thought of making them myself! After finding, I finally put an order in for 2 windows for the kitchen. The order arrived about 2 weeks later and the installation of the first window was easy (inside mount), so easy that I installed it myself. The 2nd shutter was the wrong size. I called and they apologized and put in a replacement order right away. I also installed the 2nd shutter and it was also perfect. My neighbors commented right away when they saw them. I was worried that my 2 year old might damage them but he's opened and closed them every day for a month and they are no worse from wear. They are worth every penny and I'm ordering more to finish up the rest of my house. Best of all they are a snap to clean and I don't ever have to worry about them warping or fading because their vinyl!September 24, 2014
    great productThe most impressive fact dealing with is the customer service. Very knowledgeable and asked the right questions. It was easy to place my order, and delivery was withing a week as promised.The plantation shutters look great in our kitchen and only took me about 20 minutes to install. Sturdy material, and even though plastic does go well with the cabinets in the kitchen which are also white.The best part about these plantation shutters is they are very easy to remove to clean when the time comes, and being plastic can literally be sprayed with 409, lightly brushed, then hosed off.GREAT JOB!August 1, 2014
    PlasticThese look nice, and were a snap to install. But don't be fooled -- these aren't "faux wood" -- they're plastic. They don't look like wood, they don't feel like wood and they definitely wouldn't pass for wood. They're shiny plastic. They look fine, if you don't mind that they are not wood. We had some faux wood blinds we bought at Home Depot that could actually pass for wood -- these are not the same thing. But, again, they look nice and if you don't mind that they're plastic, go for it!May 30, 2011
    Better than expectedThese shutters turned out so wonderful. My contractor was worried when I told him I had ordered shutters online and installation was difficult because I live in an old house and everything is out of square. But the contractor made it work and it looks awesome. The room has three large windows and when the shutters were installed the temperature dropped immediately.June 20, 2014
    Great BlindsI can't believe the great pricing on these shutters. They look as good as the original wood versions and are easier to clean with no worries about warping or discoloration!April 8, 2013
    These Shutters are GreatInitially we ordered 6 of these shutters just to make sure that we liked them and to check the quality of the shutters. We loved the look, quality and ease of installing them. Therefore, we order 9 additional shutters to finish our house. We had a little problem in that we only got 8 of the 9 shutters but the 9th shutter arrived and was installed. All of the staff at was professional, helpful, thorough and always got back to us on the status of the missing shutter. Overall we think that the price that we paid for a total of 15 shutters was awesome and they look awesome. We would certainly recommend Blinds.comJuly 23, 2013
    One request would be to get more info in advance on when I could expect my shutters to arrive... on the website I think it said 14 days working time but they were completed much earlier and I almost missed the shipment because I was just returning from a week-long vacation! (I thought there would be plenty of time in between.) Also, could have used better directions... had to figure out myself how to mount the middle bar in a 4-panel shutter configuration -- no instructions on that were provided. Otherwise, happy with the product, at least what I've installed so far.November 24, 2005
    Looks great and a very good priceI bought the plantation shutters for a bedroom double window and chose the inset installation as I have casing around the window opening. I measured a bit conservatively so there's a gap between the shutter frame and the window frame. No big deal. The screws provided are very long and the gap isn't noticeable unless you're a pro window installer. Next time I'll order the exact size and let do the deduction.These are not cheap but rather very solid even tho the slats are hollow. (A good thing for insulation.) I plan on buying more.April 9, 2014
    Looks GreatThese are great shutters. Fit perfectly and look like I spent a whole lot more money!! I would buy them again. Company called me (ordered online) to discuss my measurements and how I expected it to hang -- very reasurring and unexpected. Would recommend that the directions be more thorough, especially on the assembly (online and paper instructions lacking detailed pictures). Fortunately, they are designed so that if you goof up the installation (like I did), you can unscrew and rehang and no one is the wiser (well, except for you....)February 3, 2013
    I am very pleased with the products. I even installed two of the shutters myself and didn't screw anything up! Still have the biggest one to tackle this weekend. I chose to do business with based on the website. It was the easiest to navigate, provided the information I was looking for - quickly, and the prices were not low, but competitive. I chose this company even though I live in Texas and had to pay sales tax which I would not have had to, had I selected an out of state company. Take that as a positive for 13, 2005
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