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Easy Clean Duster

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Are you tired of dirty blinds or shutters? They do need cleaning, but you don't have the time, energy or money? We have the answer, the Easy Clean Duster! It's quick and easy. It cleans any blind surface, wood, faux wood, or aluminum! Easy Clean adjusts to clean any size of slat, 1", 2", 3" or 4". Easy Clean has chenile, micro fiber noodles, designed to latch onto dust. They clean both sides of the slat at the same time. Simply insert the Easy Clean Duster into the blind and apply pressure, moving it back and forth to catch all of the dust. Easy Clean gets around those ladders and tilters to remove dust fast. The dusting fingers rotate, giving you a full 360 degrees of cleaning. Use Easy Clean wet for that sticky dust. After cleaning, just wash and re-use. Clean smarter, make your blind cleaning easier with the Easy Clean Duster.

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Great FindI absolutely love my Easy Clean Duster. It's amazing how much dust/dirt sticks to it. With two Labrador Retrievers in the house you can imagine how much hair, dust and dirt they create. I have wooden plantation shutters and it cleans them thoroughly and I'm done in no time at all compared to when I used to have to wipe each plank. This cleans 3 at once. I have even used it just as a regular duster on my furniture. When you're done cleaning you can remove and toss in the washer. It's great. My mom and sister now want one too.May 22, 2014
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