10 Dorm Essentials to Grab Before Move In Day

Abigail Sawyer | 05 Aug 2013 | Trends

You gotta grab more than mom’s cookies and a sleeping bag before you head off to college. Get what you need with our 10 dorm essentials and dorm decor ideas.

Dorm-Essentials from Blinds.com

Here’s what you need:

Dorm Essentials: Seven Year Pen

1. A Great Pen

Go green for a semester (or long past graduation) with the Seven Year Pen. You wouldn’t know it from the outside, but this sleek pen conceals an extra large ink cartridge that will last seven whole years! Rather than contribute to the 100 million pens discarded every day, choose one of the 20 fun designs and stick with it.

Dorm Essentials: PowerCurl Mac Cord Manager

2. Cord Wrangler

You got a laptop so you could take it places, but it’s tough to get up and go when you’re dealing with a tangle of cords every time you set up shop. The PowerCurl Mac Cord Manager from Quirky will keep your desk tidy and will let you take your laptop to class or a friend’s dorm at a moment’s notice.


3. Pod Coffee Maker

You’re not going to want to run to the cafeteria to grab coffee before class. It’s nice to have a one-cup coffee brewer like the Keurig Mini Plus. There’s no pot to wash, you can pick a new flavor every day, and it makes just enough to fill your travel mug on the way to 8 am chem lab.


4. Hometown Wall Art

These americana posters by the Anderson Design Group are available on Global Gallery. Find one that reminds you of your roots if you’re going to school far from home.

DIY Photo Wall

5. A Photo Wall

Adorn your walls with school year memories arranged in a fun shape. All you need is some double stick tape!

foam-matress-topper-target (1)

6. Comfy Mattress Topper

That plastic-covered, bed-bug-resistant mattress that’s been used by who knows how many generations before you isn’t going to cut it for the next 8 months. Make that mattress feel a lot better with a memory foam mattress topper or cotton mattress pad. (Although using both will make your bed insanely comfortable!)


7. Quirky Pillows

In the seam‘s canvas pillows printed with vintage subway tokenscameras, and furry friends will make your friends chuckle when they walk in the door. Allow these pooches to hang out on your bed or couch.

Ikea Raskog cart for dorm

8. Bedside Storage

This adorable cart from Ikea is something you’ll use everywhere. Roll it under the counter for extra bathroom storage, or keep it next to the bed to stash lotion, reading materials and charging devices.

Over the door vanity station - Urban Outfitters

9. Over Door Vanity Station

This beauty will help alleviate the morning traffic jam in the bathroom. Create a space of your own to get ready on the back of a closet door or elsewhere, and you’ll have one less fight with your roommate.

Blinds.com Brand Blackout Drapes

10. Blackout Curtains

Let’s be real, university dorm issued window coverings don’t cut it. Some have terrible gaps that let light in early in the morning and others have gotten so bent out of shape that they don’t provide any privacy at all.

Our Blinds.com Brand Blackout Curtains will ensure that your room stays dark when you want it to, and will meet dorm regulations because they can be hung easily with a tension rod. They’re a serious sanity saver for getting some shut eye after an all-nighter.

Be sure to check out our Instafit Cordless Honeycomb Shades. They install with no holes and no tools, so even the pickiest RA will give you your deposit back at the end of the year. Plus – you can take them with you when you move + use them again!

Did we forget something?

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