3 Things You Didn’t Know About Woven Wood Edge Banding

Jessica Cruz | 28 Apr 2017 | Woven Wood Shades

Have you been flipping through décor magazines and noticed that Woven Wood Shades are everywhere right now? We love this textural look and especially the extra definition that the Edge Banding option ads.

Edge Banding – Not Just for Looks!

Edge banding is the decorative cloth that runs along the perimeter of a woven wood shade. Not only will edge banding transform the look of your shade but it adds functional value as well.

1. Prevent Shade from Stretching

One of the things you may not know about Woven Wood Shades is that over time the length of the shade will stretch out. Woven wood shades because of their material will stretch over time causing the bottom of the shade to puddle at the bottom. Adding edge binding to woven wood shades will prevent the shades from stretching out as much. The cloth wraps around the front and back of the shade fully securing the material within. The edge binding will help hold it together longer keeping the length the same as when it was ordered.

2. Keep Edges from Fraying

The material that Bamboo Shades are made of is woven from different materials, and leaves the edges exposed for a casual look. This unfinished look is desired by some, but can also make your shades less durable.

If your shade material gets bumped, the materials can shift inside and hang unevenly. Edge binding covers the edges of the shade to make them hang straight and and protect them from rubbing against the edge of the window and fraying.

3. Make a Design Statement

Edge binding comes in fabrics that coordinate perfectly with the collection of woven materials. If you have multiple window covering styles in one room you can tie them together by matching edge binding to cloth tapes on wood or faux wood blinds.

Edge banding comes in both solid colors and patterns. If your shade material is highly textured, choose a solid to keep your windows from looking too busy. Contrasting colors like dark edge banding against a light woven shade look gorgeous.

The thickness will be anywhere from 1 to 2 inches. Edge banding is also available on Roman Shades.

Order free samples to make matching edge banding to your shade material easy.

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