4 Ways To Add Curb Appeal

Abigail Sawyer | 04 Jun 2013 | DIY Projects


4 ways to add curb appeal

We all tell each other, “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” but when it comes to homes, the outside is what get’s potential buyers, or neighbors with cookies, to walk up to the door. Many of us focus our design efforts on the interior of our homes, but curb appeal makes just as big of an impact.

Whether you’re staging to sell or want to make the neighbors smile, here are a few ways to  help your home give a good first impression.

4 Easy Ways to Add Curb Appeal:

Move Beyond Basic Lighting

Flank your door with pretty sconces and overhear fixtures. They not only give your home a healthy glow, but also are a chance to show your decorating personality.

This sleek piece will warm up the porch of a contemporary home, but it also has an art deco flair.


For an eclectic vibe, hang a Morovian Star fixture above the front door, or line a patio with a few.


Amp up the rustic charm with an industrial sconce in galvanized steel. Over the years it will acquire a gorgeous patina.


Play up a retro theme with lantern fixtures in bright enamel.


Industrial lamps like these will give off a mesmerizing glow with Edison bulbs inside.


Bring Playfulness To Exterior Shutters

Shutters add dignity and dimension to any exterior. Here are a few unique touches that will make them pop in unexpected ways.

Don’t have shutters? Outfit all of your front facing windows, or just choose a few key ones for a classic look. Make your own with this simple tutorial.


Give shutters a cheeky update with a simple stencil.


Shutters are available with a variety of cheerful cutouts. Order them from a company like Shuttercraft, or make your own with a jigsaw.


Make plain shutters pop by painting decorative wood cutouts and attaching them with wood glue and small nails.


Think Outside Of The Box With House Numbers

Sites like Custom House Numbers let you choose from thousands of fonts, and with these ideas, the possibilities are endless.

contemporary house numbers

Via Debora Carl Landscape Design on Houzz

Go contempo with a numbers in a neutraface font on rich wood panelling.


Neon House Numbers

Via Bright Designlab on Houzz

No one will miss your house with numbers in glowing neon. Look up your local neon artist for a custom creation.


Rustic House Numbers

Via Jeffrey Gordon Smith Landscape Architecture on Houzz

Rustic signage is simply beautiful for a house outside the city limits. Plus, it’ll last forever.


Etched glass house number

Via Union Studio, Architecture & Community Design on Houzz

Add modern charm and privacy with numbers on frosted window film. You can get this custom look on your own! Order a sheet of cling film from Blinds.com, trace your shapes, cut and stick. It’s that easy and you can remove it at any time.


Brighten Up Porch Seating

A colorful bench or patio chair will give you a place to perch on summer evenings, plus it’ll draw the eye up to your front door.

Neon turquoise is nearly as attention getting as this chair’s unique shape.


Give vintage patio chairs a new life with a coat of paint and easy DIY cushions.


A simple bench with a bright coat of paint will add style and function to the front porch.


Coordinate a pair of pretty benches with your door color for a simple, symmetrical look.


Are Drab Windows Bringing Your Look Down?

The key to getting the most curb appeal out of your window coverings is uniformity. Here are our top picks to beautify your view from the sidewalk:

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