5 Tricks To Reduce Holiday Stress With Your Home Decor

Abigail Sawyer | 09 Dec 2013 | Seasonal Trends

Put down the holiday to-do list for a few minutes and recharge. Here are a few easy changes to make at home to reduce holiday stress.


1. Banish Harsh Lighting – Embrace your circadian rhythm and let light flow naturally throughout the day. Glare making you squint during the day? Adjust blinds or sheer shades to gently filter the light.

When you need artificial light in the evening keep it gentle. Several strategically placed lamps are much easier on the eyes than overhead lighting. Lighting a candle or turning on the Christmas tree will give you soft light and is sure to be a mood boost as well.

2. Reconnect with Nature – Experts say that most people use outdoor spaces for stress relief. If you’re locked up indoors this winter, get your fix by recreating a green space indoors. Find a space where you spend a few minutes every day and perk it up with a cheerful houseplant. A reading corner or breakfast nook are great places to add some winter bulbs or cut stems in a small vase.

3. Print Some Photos – Don’t keep stunning vacation photos hidden away on your hard drive. Remind yourself of your happiest moments in 2013 by updating your framed photos. You could even arrange them as a stylish gallery wall.

4. Eliminate One Daily Frustration – Hate walking across the room to turn on the lights? Add a lamp by the door. Wake up in a bad mood because your alarm clock is blaring? Replace it with a nature-sounds version. No room in the fridge for holiday leftovers? Relocate produce to a decorative fruit bowl.

Don’t try to tackle all of your holiday headaches at once. Focus on one achievable victory and relish in the extra peace.

5. Create a (Mental) Recharging Zone – Mark off one room as completely gadget free. Remind yourself to disconnect for at least a few minutes a day by leaving your phone at the door when you enter that space. Enhance the serenity by bringing in calming colors with throw pillows, blankets and rugs – no major decor changes necessary.

How Do You Banish Wintertime Tension?

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By the way: Our top graphic was inspired by the adorable kitschy enamel cookware we spotted at World Market this week. It makes us want to put on pearls and bake a casserole. That’ll help you de-stress right?

Image via Flickr user yvestown

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