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Rachel Gill | 22 Aug 2013 | Trends

Like its name would suggest, Desire to Inspire is one inspiring blog. It’s run by two women, Kim and Jo, who describe themselves as “interior design junkies” and actually met on Flickr – this age of technology we live in is pretty amazing. What makes this blog so special is the eye that these two have for design. The photos and vignettes they publish on their blog are always thought-provoking and unique.

Feed your Design Cravings with these 3 Posts:

Playing Favourites

Playing Favourites

Playing Favourites

Jo found these gorgeous photos that were featured in an issue of Inside Out as the ‘Boerum Hill home’. This room has the perfect combination of rustic-old age style. With antique mirrors and unfinished wood details, there’s a mystical sort of vibe to it that make me want to move in immediately!

Spring Cleaning

Jo's Home

Jo’s Home

In preparation for a friend’s visit, Jo did a little spring cleaning and in the process showed off her wonderfully eclectic home. I absolutely love this room in particular – maybe it’s the lanterns, the black painted trim, or the bohemian loveseat that caught my eye, but either way this room won me over.

The Jielde, an industrial corner, and some cats

Kim's Home

Kim’s Living Room

It’s evident from most of Kim’s photos that she’s a definitely cat lady – but I’ll be the first to say she’s a cat lady with style. I love the industrial details of her living room: the Jielde desk lamp, retro fan, and the Ahern safe all add to the motif in this space. What’s more impressive is that it’s obvious her cat enjoys the room, and if there’s any animal that’s sensitive to interior design, you know it’d be a cat.

One of the reasons I love this blog is because Kim and Jo don’t just gawk over interior design photos – they actually take their passion and bring it into their own homes! So many people love looking at beautiful pictures but never make the effort to beautify their own house; these girls do and I admire them for that! Tell us how you’d like to improve your own home in the comments below!

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