How to Cover Angle Top, Angle Bottom and Triangle Windows

Abigail Sawyer | 03 Jun 2016 | Specialty Shapes

Many homes have cathedral-style windows that follow the roof line creating angle bottom, or trapezoid windows that are a challenge to cover. Some choose to leave these unique windows uncovered, but with that much glass - heat, glare and privacy can be a major concern. has a new collection of angle top window treatments that are tailor-made to fit non-standard window shapes. These options allow you to highlight the unique shape of your window, rather than leaving part of it uncovered.

When you're ready to order, learn more about how to measure for angle top and angle bottom windows.

Vertical Blinds for Angle Top Windows

If you have floor to ceiling sloped windows, sleek and easy-to-operate Bali Angle Top Vertical Blinds are a great solution.

angle top vertical blinds

Vanes can only be opened towards the highest point of the window.

Unlike other options which can only be raised or lowered, vertical blinds give you adjustable light control. Many people choose to tilt vanes open and closed and seldom uncover the window completely.

These blinds can be made at a maximum size of 144 inches wide and 144 inches high depending on the angle. The maximum angle is 55 degrees.

Shop Bali Angle Top Vertical Blinds

Cellular Shades for Angle Top Windows

Give odd shaped windows privacy and a modern look with cellular shades.

They're a great solution for windows that let in a lot of heat, because cellular shades trap air to insulate windows. Choose from single cell or double cell to add extra insulation. These shades are also available in light filtering or blackout fabrics so you can choose exactly how much light you want to let in.

Cellular shades on both angled and round windows

These shades look like standard cell shades until they reach the angled portion of the window where the cellular fabric fans out. They can be operated in the straight portion of the window, but the angled section will stay stationary. Angle top shades will raise from the bottom up and angle bottom shades will lower from the top down.

Cellular shades with an angled bottom

Shop Bali Angle Top or Bottom Cellular Shades - Available in Light Filtering and Blackout.

Cellular Shade for Triangle Window

Inoperable cellular shades can also be made for triangle windows. Speak with a designer at 800-505-1905 to custom order one of these shades.

Mini Blinds for Angle Top Windows

If you have a triangular window and prefer horizontal slats to vertical, angle top mini blinds are a great solution. Like vertical blinds, they give you adjustable light control so you can accommodate changing light throughout the day.

Mini blinds in a window with an angled top

These blinds are made with high quality 6 or 8 gauge aluminum. They're a durable option that's a great fit for commercial spaces or modern decor. All angle or triangle aluminum blinds will be made with a wand tilt.

Shop 1 Inch Angle Top Mini Blinds.

Shutters for Triangle Windows

Wood Shutters and Faux Wood Shutters can be custom made to practically any size or shape - octagons, ovals, you name it.

shutters in a triangle shaped window

To get the fit exactly right, you'll often have to make a paper template of your window and sends it in for the factory to work from.

Call designers at 800-505-1905 to place an order for angle top shutters.

Struggling to Cover Other Odd Shaped Windows?

There are many window covering options for arches, circle, hexagon, trapezoid and other specialty shape windows.

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