6 Steps to a Better Bookshelf

Rachel Gill | 14 Aug 2013 | DIY Projects

Any bookworm knows that nothing’s better than a well-organized bookshelf. Whether you want to make your bookcase cleaner, more accessible, or simply better looking – we’ve got 6 easy tips that will help you achieve your bookshelf dreams.

Tip #1: Start with a Cleaning

Empty your bookshelf and give it a good wipe-down. Filter through your collection and purge yourself of the books you don’t plan on reading. If you’re more of the lazy cleaner like myself, meet your new superhero weapon: the air duster. Keep it handy by the bookshelf so you can spray away dust and keep your shelf looking spotless!

Tip #2: Makeover Your Bookcase

Make your bookcase a little more colorful: revive it with a fresh new coat of paint. Alternatively, you could paint only the back, add wallpaper or add fabric to really draw attention to your shelf.

Wallpapered Bookshelf

Wallpapered Bookshelf via Flickr user thedabble

Tip #3: Relocate Your Large Books

Go through your collection and move your largest books to the coffee table. This way they can be better displayed and won’t weigh down the bookcase or take up too much space.

Large Coffee Table Books

Large Coffee Table Books via Flickr user sma_kee

Tip #4: Organize by Genre, Color, or Both!

When you have a large bookshelf, ordering your books by color creates a stunning effect. However,  if you know it won’t last long in your home, organize your books by genre. Each shelf could be for a different type of book. They will be easy to find when you need them and easy to put away.

Spectrum Bookshelf

Spectrum Bookshelf via Flickr user chotda

Tip #5: Mix It Up

If you want your bookcase to be a focal point, you’ll have to get creative with your stacking. Alternate book placement – stack some horizontally and others vertically to create visual variety.

Alternate Stacking on Bookshelf

Alternate Stacking on Bookshelf via Flickr user laura cattano

Tip #6: Add Fun & Quirky Knick-Knacks

Give your bookshelf a little personality with some fun & quirky knick-knacks! By having something other than just books on your shelves, you’ll create a much more interesting (and interactive) space.

Here’s some of our favorite knick-knack finds:

Fun & Quirky Knick Knacks

Fun & Quirky Knick-Knacks

  1. Victorian Whale Bookends
  2. Ceramic Frenchie Stamper
  3. Driftwood iDock
  4. Turning Triangles Terrarium
  5. Refracted Ambience Jar
  6. Dali-inspired Melting Clock
  7. Port-A-Plant Punch-Out Paper Plant Kit
  8. Grow Crystal Plants Saguaro Cactus

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