Blinds 101: How To Shop For Blinds

Abigail Sawyer | 24 Aug 2013 | How To

Has lack of knowledge ever kept you from buying and installing blinds and shades yourself?

At, we believe that anyone can learn their way around a window in no time at all, we’ll teach you how to shop for blinds. Follow the Back to Blinds School guide below – master each subject and move from a blinds beginner to a blinds expert!

Blinds 101: A Beginner's Guide to Blinds Shopping

Get An Honorary Degree In:

Blinds Vocabulary

To learn more about blinds, it’s best to understand some basic vocabulary.  Get the 411 on blinds lingo.

How To Measure For Blinds

Worried about making the wrong measurements? In addition to our SureFit™ Guarantee, which covers you in the unlikely event that you make a measuring mistake, we also have measuring instructions for every type of window treatment – learn the basics.

How To Choose Blinds

If you’re not sure what type of blind or shade would work best in your home, a few considerations might help you narrow down your choices. Learn what features and upgrades really set blinds and shades apart.

Designing Your Rooms

Of course, all the science and practicality in the world doesn’t compare to the unmatched look of a window treatment that complements your room in every way. If choosing window blinds and shades is a matter of working out your inner designer muscles, we’ll give you a few tips to follow.

How To Install Blinds

Installing your own window blinds doesn’t require a master craftsman or even a handyman. All you need are a few tools, some basic knowledge, your window treatment and a few minutes of time – and in some cases, not even all of those things…but we´ll get to that.

Crack Open The Books!

We want to help make you an educated blinds shopper. Find everything you need to know in our short and sweet Beginner’s Guide to Blinds Shopping

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