Blinds for a Media Room crew | 26 Oct 2011 | Blackout

Creating the ultimate home theater and sports media room is one of my fantasies, and most definitely one of my husband Doug’s fantasies. He’d love to have three screens (at least) set up in a sound-proof, light-proof room, with different football games going at the same time.

Me, I’d like a fun place to entertain friends for a movie night. Whatever your goal is for your media room, one of the most important components for making it feel like a real theater is the right window treatments. Blackout shades for media rooms are essential for prime television and movie viewing. Even if your room isn’t a dedicated media room, the right window treatments can enhance the viewing experience. Blackout shades eliminate glare completely, giving you and your family and friends a light-free viewing experience that will make your favorite movies and shows come alive.

Here are two of our favorite blackout shades for home theaters:

1. Blackout roman shades: These stylish shades look great in media rooms and do the job at hand too. They remind me of an old timey movie theater that had plush draperies billowing down on either side of the screen. Get them in red to get the look of a real movie theater. The Casual Classic Roman Shade from Bali comes in a unique and vibrant shade of red. Make sure you select the “hobbled” option to get that tear drop look.

2. Blackout cellular shades: Cellular shades, also known as cellular blinds or honeycomb shades, are the perfect window treatments for media rooms because they are the best at blocking light and insulate the room well too. They’ll keep you comfortable, they’ll keep all of that pesky street glow out of the room, and they’re not obtrusive at all, so you won’t even notice them. The 3/8″ Double Cell Blackout Shade is by far our most popular blackout cell shade.

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