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Rachel Gill | 13 Sep 2013 | Trends

When roaming across the blogosphere, Brittany Makes immediately caught my attention. All it took was to read Brittany’s bio and I was sold: she’s an accountant by day and a blogger by night using Brittany Makes as her creative outlet while climbing the corporate ladder. Her goal to flex those creative muscles is a noble one and I found it very refreshing to find a blogger who leads a double life on what many would consider opposite ends of the spectrum: accounting and being artistic.


Brittany of Brittany Makes

Brittany’s blog is full of interior design inspiration, photos, and DIY crafts. Not only will you find an endless supply of beautiful things on her site, but her writing is hilarious.

I don’t play favorites but…here’s the posts  I liked best:

DIY Oversized Typography Art

Typography Art

Typography Art

I couldn’t help but crack up a little when I read her comment, “My husband doesn’t get it, but I couldn’t love it more!” It reminded me of the many times I’ve shown my boyfriend a work of art to no avail – it’s okay if guys don’t always understand our obsession with pretty things!

Oversized Typography In Room

Oversized Typography In Room

I love the way the typography art looks in this space. It’s the perfect way to add a little personality and fun to one very chic bedroom.

Natural Dip-Dye Table Runner

Dip-Dye Table Runner

Dip-Dye Table Runner

I was amazed by how beautiful this natural dip-dye table runner turned out. I once had a horrible experience attempting to koolaid-dye a fabric necklace, so needless to say I was impressed. The pigment of the dye is gorgeous and it’s really exciting to think that you can make these gorgeous colors with ingredients you have in your pantry!

DIY natural dip-dye

DIY natural dip-dye ingredients

Gild a Chair in Gold!

There’s something I love about a good chair makeover. Chairs make such a statement and I adore the metallic color of this one.

Gilded Chair

Gilded Chair After

It seriously glows – I’m amazed that it all began like this:

Chair Before

Chair Before

Brittany inspires me to be creative and crafty and I hope she inspires you too! We’d love to know what you do to keep that creative mind sharp – what’s your outlet? Comment below!

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