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Rachel Gill | 02 Sep 2013 | Trends

While browsing Houzz one day, I became immediately entranced after seeing the work of Annabel from Little Pincushion Studio. She teaches young girls how to sew and think with their crafty minds in this adorable studio she put together in rural Virginia.

As one would expect, Annabel is an avid DIYer. Her blog consists of tons of crafty tutorials and projects.

These 3 projects were especially inspiring:

1. Chair Reinvention

Annabel found this vintage chair at her local Habitat for Humanity store, and after adding a little paint to it, it looks amazing! Transformations like this give me the urge to go thrift shopping, especially since the chair only cost her $10!

2. DIY Painted Clutch

Inspired by “the most beautiful waxed linen fabric” (can you tell she’s a seamstress?) Annabel came up with the idea to make this trendy painted clutch.

3. Spools as Jewels Necklace

Noticing a sewing motif going on here? Most of us would have never thought to make a necklace out of thread spools but this looks adorable! The neon colors and pretty beads would make it the perfect statement necklace for any outfit.

Beyond her crafting talent, Annabel has designed a beautiful home:

I think it’s safe to say Annabel is one creative gal – and we can’t get enough of it! Tell us which of her crafty projects  is your favorite in the comments below!

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