Blu Homes Builds Green in Joshua Tree, CA

Karin Jeske | 08 Mar 2013 | Trends

Blu Homes recently hosted a one-day open house at their brand new prefab home constructed in Joshua Tree, CA.  This home tour was offered in conjunction with Modernism Week, an 11-day annual event in Palm Springs.  Of course, we were in attendance!


Blu Homes pre fab house for Disney Family

Built as a vacation home for Tim Disney (great nephew of Walt and Blu Homes board member) and his wife Neda, it offers a stunning silhouette, nestled among the boulder outcroppings of Joshua Tree National Park.  The exterior features large picture windows, corrugated metal siding and sliding wood panels.


Blu Homes pre fab house built for Disney family

The home is constructed from two factory-built Origin modules  that include bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens and dining areas,  connected by a site-built center living area that also serves as the front entry. A third module serves as separate guest quarters.   The footprint of the modules is that of a modular home that can be transported as a prefabricated unit on a tractor trailer to the construction site.  But inside, this home is everything but what you would expect from a manufactured home…


Blu Homes pre fab house built for Disney family

The lines are modern, and all of the fixtures, appliances and finishes are top-of-the-line.  The flooring is bamboo, and the ceilings are high.  Much of the home is surrounded by flame retardant decking, covered by a metal canopy that offers shading from the desert sun.


Blu Homes pre fab house built for Disney family

On Blu Homes’ website Mr. Disney discusses why they chose Origin:   “We chose this model because of its plain, flat top profile that’s very horizontal and seemed appropriate for the site. There’s less distance to walk from room to room, less cleaning, less energy. It just makes more sense.”   He also described how the building costs were much more predictable from the beginning, versus conventional construction.


Blu Homes pre fab house built for Disney family

Inside and out, this home is downright gorgeous, as is the surrounding landscape.  Mr. and Mrs. Disney were set to move in right after the open house.  We wish them all the best in their new home, and thank them for letting us preview it!


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