How To Clean Woven Wood Shades

Jessica Cruz | 12 May 2017 | Clean

Woven Wood Shades are an easy way to add layered eclectic style to your space. Various natural materials are woven together with natural yarn to create rich delicate texture.

How to Clean Bamboo Shades

Extra care has to be taken to clean Woven Wood Shades. If too much water is applied on the surface the wood can warp and traditional feather dusters can snag the material.

Heavy Duty Cleaning

Have a pet who just shook mud all over your shades? Don’t panic!

Take a damp sponge or microfiber cloth and ring out so that water isn’t dripping. Press lightly and dab at the dirty spot. Avoid rubbing as it may snag the material. Applying too much water may warp the natural fibers or wood, so clean with care.

How to Dust Bamboo and Wood Materials

For light dusting use the Easy Clean Duster. It was designed to dust either side of the slats of horizontal treatments like Wood Blinds. The fuzzy arms grab dust in one swipe.

When you swipe the easy clean duster across the surface of bamboo and wood materials (not grasses), it will pick up all the dust with static electricity. When your done with the shades, this orange duster can be used all around the house to clean electronics and furniture.

How to Dust Delicate Grass Materials

For Woven Wood Shades with finer grass materials that are highly textured and easy to snag, use the brush attachment on the vacuum. The soft brush attachment will gently lift dust away. Just be sure to support the fabric from behind as you vacuum so that it doesn’t get sucked into the hose.

Need More Help?

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