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Abigail Sawyer | 27 Jun 2014 | Trends

In college it’s important for your bed to feel cozy. You’ve left behind your ‘real’ bedroom, but with warm bedding, cute decor and the perfect bedside accessories, your dorm room bed will be feeling homey in no time.

Here are our favorite dorm room decor ideas for the bedroom (or the corner that serves as one).


Image via Little Booklet.

Get Comfortable

The first thing to buy when planning out your dorm room decor is a comforter. Find one you like and work off of its color scheme and style as you do the rest of your shopping.

Here are a few we love:

pastel bedding - for the dorm

Dilan Confetti from Urban Outfitters

a good brights sleep bedding

A Good Bright’s Sleep from Mod Cloth

Dreaming Porch Quilt

Dreaming Porch Quilt from Mod Cloth

By Your (Bed) Side

A bedside table is a must, and your dorm may not come with one. It’ll be your charging station, drink holder, a place to stash books, and so much more.

This happy turquoise one is great when you’re tight on space and has a hole in the bottom so you can run a power strip in for charging.

Ikea VETTRE Nightstand

The LACK table is a bargain at $10 and will give you tons of surface area. Plus, it come s in a bunch of colors.

Ikea LACK Table

Light The Way

Every bedside table needs a hard working lamp. The key to dorm room ambiance is to ditch the florescent overhead light and use lots of lamps instead.

Gumball Desk Lamp from Urban Outfitters

Gumball Desk Lamp from Urban Outfitters.

Lolli Living Owl Lamp Base

Lolli Living Owl Lamp from Target.

Room Essentials Scholar Lamp From Target

Room Essentials Scholar Lamp From Target.

Bunny Lamp

Bunny Lamp via Alex and Alexa.

Sweet Dreams

Keep bad dreams away with a funky DIY dream catcher. Use a doily, embroidery hoop, and lots of yarn and ribbon. Making these is a great roommate bonding project for the first week of school.

Modern Dreamcatcher - dorm decor

Neon Dreamcatcher via Etsy.

Rug Turned Headboard

Make an instant headboard by hanging a funky rug on the wall. This will make your sleeping space look more defined, and will add a little cushion when you lean against the wall.

Here are a few rugs that are perfect for this look:

West Elm Phoenix Wool Dhurrie Rug

Phoenix Wool Dhurrie Rug from West Elm.

Magical Thinking Woven Leather Rug

Magical Thinking Woven Leather Rug from Urban Outfittters.

Ikea Tanum Rug

TANUM Rug from Ikea – Only $6.99!

Magical Thinking Overprint Handmade Rug from Urban Outfitters

Magical Thinking Overprint Handmade Rug from Urban Outfitters.

Easy Bed Canopies

In close quarters, little touches can bring a feeling of privacy that makes a big difference. These simple curtain canopies will help define your bed space and add coziness.

Dorm Bed Curtain

Hang curtains from the ceiling with hooks and swoop them across either side of your bed.

Try these Sheer Drapes to get the look.

Dorm Bed Canopy

This dramatic canopy is surprisingly simple to create. Thread the top of a large printed curtain through an inexpensive curtain rod and attach it to the ceiling with command hooks. Swoop the fabric a bit and secure it to the corner of the ceiling with another rod and hooks. Let the rest hang down the wall behind the bed.

Get this global-inspired look with our Easy Classic Pleat Panels in Ikat Tiki.

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