Crafty at Home: Really Easy Pillow Covers from The Happier Homemaker

Abigail Sawyer | 16 May 2013 | DIY Projects

Crafty at Home: Pillow Covers D

It’s time to pull out the patio furniture for lazy days of lemonade sipping and relaxing. Are your pillows looking a little lackluster after being crammed in the garage all winter? Make pretty pillow covers in just a few minutes with this tutorial from Melissa at The Happier Homemaker.


DIY Pillow Covers from The Happier Homemaker


With some decorative pillows running at $80-$100, this project is truly a godsend. Read on for step-by step instructions.


Sewing Machine

About a Yard of Fabric – Melissa used a shower curtain that’ll be more durable outdoors.

Coordinating Thread

Straight Pins

An Old Pillow


What to Do

Crafty at home: Really easy pillow covers

1. Cut fabric to the exact width of your pillow and 2.5 times the length of your pillow.

e.g. Melissa’s pillow is 17 x 17 and she cut her fabric to 17 x 42.


Crafty at home: Really easy pillow covers

2. Hem both short ends of your fabric 1/4 ” – 1/2″ with a straight seam.


Crafty at home: Really easy pillow covers

3. Fold both ends of the fabric into the middle so that the fabric measures 1″ less than the height of the pillow. The wrong side of the fabric should be facing out.


Crafty at home: Really easy pillow covers

4. Sew up the two open sides with straight seams.


Crafty at Home: Pillow Cover DIY

5. Using the overlap opening, turn the pillow cover inside out.

6. Stuff your pillow inside through both overlapping layers, and you’re done!


See Melissa’s pillows in action in her Outdoor Decor Refresh. Spend some time at The Happier Homemaker for even more home decorating projects, including her beautiful Bathroom Makeover with roman shades from


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